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Can mold in a bathroom pop up unexpectedly and rapidly multiply, like overnight?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43575points) November 23rd, 2014

I have a friend who has a roommate in 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment.
My friend had reason to go into her roommate’s bathroom…and the sink and the tub are just covered in black mold! The roommate swears she has no idea where it came from.
Honestly, I haven’t cleaned my tub in months, and I don’t have mold.

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Mildew can pop up quickly under the right conditions.

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Like over night?

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She said it was black, you could draw in it it was so thick.

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Mold needs two things to grow: moisture and warmth. (and of course the initial mold spores)

It’s theoretically possible, if the room is kept humid by lots of hot showers, and the humidity isn’t vented out of the room.

Maybe the roommate is a slob?

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If it was totally covered in mold, I’d be surprised if that appeared overnight. I agree mold can appear quickly as @ARE_you_kidding_me suggests, but out of the blue and covering a sink? That sounds far fetched. I’d expect there to have been some sign of poor ventilation problems before. This article suggests it would take longer than 24 hours to get visible mold spores with that sort of coverage. This points out some of the health issues mold can present.

We live in a really humid climate and if it rains a lot, we can have mold problems. It only happens when it rains for weeks and weeks, but I had a situation a few years ago where I had shoes that had mold on them and the venetian blinds.

Obviously there’s a problem with the bathroom and they need to get someone out to do something about it. That sounds like a major issue and it’s not healthy to be around.

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Well, you shouldn’t have left your husband in the tub overnight after you did him in. Always remove dead bodies promptly to avoid rapidly growing mold.

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Probably not overnight. If its really black mold and you disturb it the spores go flying and it will be thick in the are, it’s a nightmare. Make sure you have all the windows open and cut the area out and refinish.

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It didn’t appear overnight. Occam’s razor suggests that the roommate is lying so not to appear a slob. She should apply some elbow grease, then give it a soak with vinegar in hot water, and all will be right again.

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It can grow really fast. It was a problem at my old apartment. A good cleaning with bleach and it was back pretty thick in a week. It goes from little bit to being crazy in a few days. It is entirely reasonable they didn’t notice and then it was really bad in 48 hours.

Search my previous questions here. I have asked about bathroom mold before.

And mold isn’t really about being clean. Mold in sinks is way different then mold that popped up from the burrito you slid under your bed and forgot about. Black mold is pretty much always the landlords fault.

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