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Are you a good typist?

Asked by jca (36043points) December 14th, 2014

Are you a good typist?

Do you “hunt and peck” or are you really fast, or somewhere in the middle? Did you take typing in school?

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I took typing in High School. One of the most valuable skills I have.

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Considering I had no schooling, I would say I’m pretty good. I do between 80–84 words per minute depending on whether I make a punctuational mistake. I also type unconventionally by using only my index fingers and thumb on the space bar (without looking).

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Nope, but I get by, don’t think I will ever have a job that totally requires typing.

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Yes, I’ve had formal training as a typist. I can type very fast and I’m a touch typist. No idea what my typing speed is now. As can be evidenced by my work here, my editing skills are less proficient!

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Nope. I’m 29 and still do the hunt and peck, but I still do somewhat fast now at least.

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I type at around 105–110 WPM, so yeah, I’m pretty good. My job is a ton of typing, so that’s a plus…

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I took typing in high school. It turned out to be the most important class I ever took back then. I touch type, but am not so good with numbers and the symbols. How fast I am depends on how good my brain is working that day. I’d say I am medium fast.

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I still type with one finger on each hand. I know where the keys are but I still have have to look at the keyboard when I type.

I type for a living. <—Not joking

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I can type fast. And I don’t have any training at school. Of course school taught us about computers, but they never cared for typing. I learned to type through a game.

But I can only type fast in English. I type very slow in my own language :p

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I took a typing class in high school from Sept, 1963 to Feb, 1964.

I took a typing test a few years ago, and my speed was 36 WPM.

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I type just over 40 words per minute (I’ve been tested multiple times) and I am a combo of hunt and peck and proper hand placement. You would never know my typing is very accurate by reading my online conversation. I used to type up communications for large organizations and was responsible for meeting minutes at high levels and you can be sure I didn’t have typos. Online I have typos everywhere. Typing on a touch screen, not always taking the time to edit, autocorrect, my writing is a mess.

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I thought I was a pretty fast typist, but I just did multiple free tests online, and I only come out at about 62 wpm each time. I don’t hunt and peck, though. I know where everything is, so I don’t have to look down at all.

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62 is fast.

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Y#,\{....eS?5£ i/M——-*€|||~{_]! VeRyyyyy gOOd%^#<~!!

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I am a touch typist and some days I can really go fast and other days I use the back space a lot. It depends on my concentration level. Yes, I took typing classes and am glad that I did, sure makes using the keyboard easier.

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Haha…no. I am pretty accurate but my speed leaves much to be desired. It’s the left handed right brained thing. My spatial coordination is not very good, I am sure footed and very adept at scampering around rugged terrain like a little mountain goat, I draw well and am quite artistic but don’t ask me to type fast and god forbid to throw or catch a ball. lol

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I took typing in school (Jr. High) but that was many, many years ago. Most of my working years I had a secretary and she did my typing for me. I really didn’t do much typing until I went back to college in my 50s. Even then My secretary volunteered to type my papers for me but I didn’t feel right about that, so I did them myself. I discovered I could type about the same rate as I write. If I don’t proof read, my accuracy is pretty bad. If I do proof read, accuracy is poor at best. I’ve learned to live with that.

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I am an excellent typists. I learned the old fashion way in high school on the typewriter (remember those).

after school I worked as a secretary, later as a data entry operator when the computers were first coming out, and then for an insurance company where I was on the computer most of the day. I can type a full letter and never look down on the keyboard once.

I do find that I got lazy with spelling. Before computers I had to know how to spell correctly and I was pretty good. Now due to spell check I’ve have gotten lazy and let spell check pick up my errors.

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My typing lets me down as I type painfully slowly with two fingers. I have to look at the keyboard when I type so I don’t even realise the mistakes I am making. I tried using voice to type software once but it was even worse.

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