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Have you ever invited your parents , or family, to Fluther?

Asked by talljasperman (21875points) December 21st, 2014

What do they think about you sharing family secrets to Fluther?

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No one should know that I’m here. I have shared too much secret with Fluther already.

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Parents or family, no.

A few friends, yes. Friends that either won’t bother to try to figure out who I am or who wouldn’t care if they did.

My close friends, never. People at work, never. I have too much info and too many secrets here.

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Yes, my mother and sister are here. I keep badgering my grandma.

I don’t post secrets.

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No, but only because they think its shit :D
I come here to Q&A & have a laugh, no hidden secrets at all.

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I invited my ex boyfriend here once. He’s bilingual, so that wouldn’t have been an issue. But he wasn’t interested much, if he made an account I don’t even remember it. But I talked to him about here sometimes, and he would always go, oh yeah your super answer site thing.

I haven’t invited friends, mostly because they’re all French anyway. I’ve shown the site to people though, I mean you never know. But so far as I know, no one has joined. I have actually had some friends wanting me to ask questions for them tough, this happened four times.

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Nope. And it’s going to stay that way.

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Frankly, it never occurred to me that any relative of mine would have the slightest interest in this place. The missus contends that my fixation with flutter is all but certain proof of galloping senility. I anticipate visiting with all of you after she commits me to “the home”. Merry Christmas.

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Family, no. A couple of friends, if I feel they’re worthy and would make a good contribution.

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Nah. Fluther’s a space for me to be me without worrying what people think, so I like to keep it separate from my “real life.”

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My family, the little I have left and friends wouldn’t have the time for fluther.

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Why in the heck would I give someone I know the opportunity to read all the crap I spew out of my mouth lol? I still see my online dealings as private. It’s kind of like a journal or diary.

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My niece was here for a while. It is easier to be honest about things now that she is not.

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My father, but he couldn’t get into it.

My husband sometimes has me ask a question for him.

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Nope. I’ve been posting on sites like this for 8 years+ and still haven’t invited any family to them. Probably won’t change any time soon.

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My daughter is a member but is rarely here, she is in the 20 something turbo mode of life. New job, new boyfriend, new room mate, go, go, go girl. haha
haha Otherwise no. I like my private fluther air space.

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Ignore the double “haha” above I have a champagne hangover, brain not firing at full turbo power. Yes, I am laughing, my “haha” habit is out of control. lol

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