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What's the name of this circle-based art style?

Asked by gorillapaws (30602points) January 3rd, 2015

I’m fond of this technique used in this image, and this one with circles of various sizes being used to produce the silhouette of some shape. I’ve seen it used before, but I don’t know if it has a name or keyword. Thanks for your help.

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It’s called “dot art”.

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(A new domain.)

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@gailcalled I’m confused by your answer. Could you clarify?

gailcalled's avatar I made this up. It is not a real link. “Dot art” leads me to ”.art.”

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@gailcalled Link isn’t working for me.

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As already mentioned it is dot art also called pointillism.

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This stuff has nothing to do with pointillism. Look up pointillism in the dictionary. jeez

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I had the same reaction, @susanc, but did you follow my Dot Art link?

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It seems dot art is a very broad category. I guess there isn’t a term for the specific niche where perfect circles of various sizes are used to produce the silhouette of some shape. I have seen that style used in many places.

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