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If Fluther ever shuts down, where will we set up refugee camp?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21750points) January 3rd, 2015

Can we make such plans in advance? Will we disappear or split in groups? Touching wood it won’t happen!

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Facebook is the place to keep in touch with those who have left us already. I’m friends with at least 10–15 people who used to be users here.

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I have no idea; Fluther was my refugee camp, when shut down. Though I don’t spend much time here these days I do like knowing it’s here, should I ever want or need it. It would be sad to see it go.

And I second @johnsblond about Facebook. About a third of my Facebook friends are from and a few from Fluther. It’s a good way to stay in touch with both IRL and online friends.

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Fuck fb…email land is where I lay my h@

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Careful with all these Fluther shutdown questions yall…remember last time? People panicked. Just like in the real world, when the end of the world is predicted in some way or another…

Also I have fb, and my e-mail went out to those I want to keep in touch with and who have no fb.

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FB is good for just plain ole social networking. I use it and am friends with a lot of Jellies there.

As far as what’s similar to Fluther, like another Q&A site? I don’t know. Does anybody have any suggestions?

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Yahoo answers and Answerbag.

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moar liek assbag amirite

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Cancerballbag, amazingly I still have an account there, never fucking log in let alone post, but there it sits, an account defying itself to implode :D

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Mine is still there too. I don’t think you can delete them how you can here though.

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Just answer “cocksucking cuntmuffin” to every question & live in the penalty box forevermore.

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I’m glad I still have my Fluther Facebook account for the secret Fluther room. I think I’ll go there.

By the way this question reminds me that I haven’t used that account for quite a long time. Have to log in now.

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I don’t FB, but I’ve been told that I can open an account using my ID from here?
What do you put for the rest of the info? The real deal, or BS?

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@ibstubro Facebook is cracking down on obvious fake names, but you can still make up a name and use a fake birth date. You can use something like Stu Ibbro or any other variation of your username from here as long as it looks like a legitimate name.

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Make it I.B. Stubro and put whatever details you ‘d like in the spaces.

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I’m not worried about Fluther at the moment, but that’s good advice if I open a FB account, @jca. I have email contact with a Jelly that could give me the secret password for FB if needed. Thanks!

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