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Is it OK to punch someone in the chest for not taking god seriously?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28839points) January 12th, 2015

Apparently it is in New Jersey!


Do you see the parallel to the events in Paris last week? (Sure, this pastor didn’t kill the kid, but the principle of “I’ll punish you for not respecting god” is exactly the same.)

Is this pastor qualitatively different from the Arab attackers in Paris?

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Lets not pretend that Christians don’t kill others for god. Remember all the bombings of abortion clinics and George Tiller. Christians don’t get to claim the high-ground here.

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Different fairy tale, different method, same mindset.

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With god on your side; anything is justified.

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If the father of that kid didn’t call the cops and have the pastor arrested, then he’s an idiot too.

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No, it isn’t justified. This is another story of people of my faith who have no clue.

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Tarzan was a renowned atheist, figures.

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Violence is always a great method of spreading the gospel. ~

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He punched the kid in the chest? Did he miss the chin?

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@dappled_leaves – God is administered via the chest (similar to intracardiac injection). A punch to the chin is risky and can result in other deities being transmitted.

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Maybe the pastor was trying to put the “fear of God” into the kid. (sarcasm)

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I wish my pastor did that to me when I was a kid, I would’ve became an atheist much sooner.

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“He was a bright kid, which didn’t help things — made him more dangerous.”” Yeah. Them bright people tend to question all of the brain washing. Can’t have that.

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In all seriousness, @elbanditoroso, are you really comparing the methods a pastor uses with his parishioners and the actions of those who wish to kill people for the drawing of a cartoon?

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We’re all gonna look back on this and laugh that we acted this way. Or we won’t and we’ll continue to watch dumbass humans ruin everything.

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Just the same except that he didn’t kill anybody.~

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It’s using violence, or the threat of violence, to convert people to your way of thinking.

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“Pussy. Back in my day we burned people for not taking God seriously.”

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@Blackberry Wouldn’t it be cool if we could project ourselves a few 1000 years into the future to see how this all shakes out?

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If that daft bastard punched any of my kids, he’d be meeting his maker within minutes.

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No, you don’t punch them in the chest. What kind of idiocy is that?

You punch them in the groin, repeatedly if need be. Gets them on their knees faster. Sometimes they even start prostrating without further encouragement.

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Just stunning…I would love to walk up to him and with all my might go BAM right in the teeth. What a complete dick.

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* Banging the kid’s head on the ground * “You WILL believe in God! You will NOT ask any questions!” That was, actually, kind of my experience with the church, but no one banged my head on the ground. I was strongly discouraged from asking questions, though.

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To me, this is such a silly question. Of course it’s not ok to hit anyone for something like this.

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@hominid – in all seriousness, yes. Whether a fist or a firearm, the pastor is physically harming a person for not ‘respecting’ religion in some way shape or form. Exactly the same, except for the degree of violence.

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I hear an echo!

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A variation of the “laying on of hands” I suppose…

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@Adirondackwannabe Definitely. I’d like to hope we would see a whole society of mixed race humans that are all about a sense of community with proper welfare safety nets in place and where people don’t have to go into life crippling debt via college and medical.

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Of course not. Don’t be ridiculous.

And, no, it’s not OK in New Jersey (or any other state).

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How can anyone who believes in a Higher Power believe It condones violence in any form?

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Why wouldn’t they @Pachy? You’ve heard of Holy Wars.

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@Pachy Cthulhu doesn’t mind

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No, it is not, you know that. You should not punch anyone for not believing in a god, and certainly not of they do not take God seriously, when He wants to get their attention He will get it.

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