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Does Obama have an "open border policy" in place?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42445points) January 25th, 2015

Someone posted on facebook that it’s Obama’s open borders policy that is accounting for the measles spike in California. I can’t find anything reliable on such a policy. I see tea party rants, but nothing mainstream.

Can you shed more light on this, please?

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LOL! No, she’s OK. But is there some open border policy?

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The “open border” and “diseases!” is fear-mongering from ignorant conservative bigots. The same people are claiming the ISIS is invading from Mexico.

Mexico has a measles vaccination rate about the same as the US (91% vs 95%).

Measles is making a comeback thanks to anti-vaccination dumbassery among middle- and upper middle-class Americans.

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There isn’t.. Actually, Obama has spent more on border security than Bush.

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There are three reasons for the measles outbreak; overseas travel, people not being vaccinated , Obama
Sorry, it’s just two.

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The policy of not deporting has created a massive influx of children fro Central and S. America this past summer. The children have not had immunization shots and can be a source of infectious disease. Whether Measles have come across this way, I have no idea but it sure could be a source. Here is an article talking about the influx. These people have been bussed all around the US and may or may not have caused the problem.

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the measles issue is because of he anti vaccine nut cases. Has nothing to do with immigration.

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It’s both immigration, the anti-vaccine crowd and Disney.

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Obama introduced the measles after returning from his birthplace in Kenya.

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That’s ridiculous. Tourists aren’t more free to come under Obama than under the last 5 Presidents at least. States like TX, AZ, NM, and CA had the highest rates of hep A before the vaccine was introduced (probably still do, but I’m not sure of that stat) because of immigration and tourism. That’s back before the 1990’s.

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No. It’s ignorant fearmongering. Jenny Funbags has had more to do with the measles outbreak than any policy of Obama’s (who, by the way, has deported more than any other president in history. He actually has a tougher border policy than Bush did).

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