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What are some synonyms for "awesome"?

Asked by gailcalled (54563points) July 13th, 2008

The gauntlet has been thrown down. I will, indeed, be filled with awe if we can find several other words.

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idk i always use the word boss. like, man thats boss as hell

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How awesome functions, like cool, hot, super, or awesome as in its actual definition?

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Kickass, dope, legit (only in some cases though), nice, great, cool, amazing, incredible, wonderful, fabulous…

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No, I mean using it as an umbrella term to mean anything that is not brutal, nasty or short. The original meaning is “filled with awe,” “extremely impressive or daunting,” “inspiring great apprehension or fear.”

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There are so many!!! How about sweet, killer, rad(ical), neat-o, tubular, groovy, solid, phat (ha ha). I’ll come back later for more.

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marvelous, fantastic, tops, brilliant, spectacular, remarkable, outstanding, incredible

tight, pimp, dope, sweet, dank, the shizz, cool beans, nice

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I was going to say “impressive,” “stunning,” “incredible.”

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fab(ulous), sick, the shit

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ill This is fun.

@PnT We’re taking it to the streets. :)

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(why isn’t my challenger chiming in?)

So does that mean au revoir to “awesome?”

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Let’s get international!!!


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uber- i agree

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Amazing, wonderful, super, wicked, the bomb, the bomb diggity…

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i use that word far too much.
fantastic, wonderful, tight, baller.. haha

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I still say awesome. It changes through the generations, as well as regionally.

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I have introduced the term “boombox” in Austin, TX to replace awesome. As in, “That concert last night was so boombox!”

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Gnarly. gnar-gnar. The waves are gnarly today bro.

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fluthertistic ! or flutheristic!

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I often say ridiculous to mean awesome.

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@buster: “far out!!!!”

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@ general specific: what about tight ballers? You’re gonna have to explain that one. Is that like those skateboarders who wear their sister’s pants?

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-grouse ;)
-fair dinkum
-bonza – although not many people I know actually use this one, sorry Steve and Paul
-fair suck of the sav
-you little ripper – once again exaggerated by Steve, but more widely used than bonza I must admit

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<looks around>

I say “beast” all the time.

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Damnit cheebdragon! You took my favorite…bitchin’.

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+1 for legit. i say that like its my job

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“Splendid!” accompanied by the drumming of fingers together.

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@knot: along with Montgomery Burns doing the same thing and “excellent”.

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I believe people in your generation said “nifty’.

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don’t forget to rock back and forth at the same time, in anticipatory glee

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I’m a little younger than that, my dad used the term “nifty” though. He was born in 1914. The worn out word when I was in HS was “bitchin’”. There was one girl that it seemed was the only word in her vocabulary, and it used to drive me crazy. My mother wouldn’t let us use it (never had the urge to) because of the base word. We weren’t allowed to use “son of a gun” either, for the same reason, even though Joey Bishop was allowed to say it on TV when George Carlin was still being censored.

I grew up by the beach and surfers, so those were most of the popular terms around at the time. Surfin’ USA lists 4 of the towns that I lived in, in proper order.

As the song says, skateboarding was originally called sidewalk surfing. My older sister had a crush on the guy next door, and he was one of the first proficient skateboarders in town. He made his own. At an attempt for him to notice her, she took my skates, (the old kind that you had to attach to shoes and adjust with a skate key) nailed them to a board and had her custom skateboard. He was impressed that a girl would even try this. I wasn’t and my sister and I still have “discussions” about my “borrowed” skates.

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OOOPs! I meant gail’s generation. My Mom used to say nifty alot.

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What do you think of your list gail?

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scraping the bottom of the barrel here:


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I think that this list is really uberbatman. (Our generation said, “Neat,” but who can remember that far back?)

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Lately, a few coworkers have started saying “that’s intense” too often. I usually say “like camping” as soon as I hear it. One lady thought I had some strange outdoorsy obsession as I said it to her 3 times one morning before she caught on. And her hair is dark brown.

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@scamp: Well, I’m almost gail’s generation. She could be an older sibling. I have a brother and sister that would be considered her generation. My parents were older, so mine might have been born before hers. I was the last of the litter in my family. Let’s put it this way, I wasn’t born into a house with a television, but we had one soon after.

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didnt quite pull that one off…....

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@Seesul From what you said above, I am guessing that you are around the age of my brothers. I too am the youngest of the family, and was born late in my parents lives. My middle brother was a baby when my parents bought their first TV. I’m guessing you are in the decade between gail’s and mine.

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PHENOMENAL. I have a friend who says this all the time. It’s catching.

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bad ass, ill, rockin

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Sadly around here there is a movement to get “pus” started. Like pussy cat, shortened. Like they would say “That’s pus, real pus.” Means the same as awesome. Voilà. My wife and I say that for giggles. Wicked, kickin, NICE!, bajiggety. Tits is still big around here. That car is tits man!

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@stevenb – BAJIGGETY! I love that word – it is my new awesome!
We’ve been using off-the-hook or off-the-chain to mean something pretty damn special, too.

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@sundayBastard Sweeet and neato. :)

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Since I have not seen “astounding”, I will drop that into the hat. Now where is the buffet, there is a buffet here, right?

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I just took another good look at the question and the only thing that is awesome and is synonymous for such is God.

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