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How do professional women dress in Houston?

Asked by baseballnut (430points) July 13th, 2008

I know this seems like a frivilous question but HELP> I’m interviewing with the Houston branch of a software company and I live in casual, hot Phx where summer dress – except for some interviews – is casual. Houston is new to me and I don’t want to blow it – these will be internal customers and subordinates if I’m successful. Any tips?

I was going with the tank shell/black pantsuit/strappy sandals/hot bag look that is Phx standard.

Thanks in advance for the opinions and, if I get the job, we can do world hunger or the oil crisis next!

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My first instinct, based on my years in the corporate world, is that a pantsuit is too casual for an interview, Here is a quote from a Houston organization that seems to support that (emphasis mine).

“Business suits or dresses are often standard attire for women. Pantsuits, in classic styles, are also acceptable.”

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thx – I googled a couple of sites and got varying comment so I thought fluther might be a good source as well. This feels very frivilous compared to any of the usual postings!

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Nope, just what’s for!

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Not frivilous at all. Good luck with the job!

@Marina Great link!

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