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Is anyone on Fluther looking forward to getting a new phone that is not an iPhone?

Asked by willbrawn (6609points) July 14th, 2008 from iPhone

I am personally looking forward to the blackberry bold and thunder.

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Ooh me! me! pick me!
I doubt I’ll ever get an iPhone. My mum wants a new plan, so I’m going with her to pick the phone and we’ll just swap the sim cards over so she can have my phone and I get the new one. Yay! Not sure what phone yet though.

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I want something that interacts with my mac computer, calendar, email etc. If something else does that seamlessly, I’ll buy it, otherwise, when my Verizon contract runs out this October, I’m breaking down and getting the iPhone. Even though I can’t stand AT&T, I can’t see buying a phone that doesn’t do what I need it to. If I’m going to spend a bunch of money, I might as well get what I really want, yes?

Unless…either of the phones you mentioned integrate well with mac?

Edited to add: When does the “exclusive” relationship btwn AT&T and iPhone expire?

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If I had the money I would get an HTC touch cruise or the new one they are coming out with. But for now I’m going to keep using my couple year old phone until I can jump on android when it first comes out. The new blackberries look sweet as well, and far better then iPhone if you ask me.

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If I could have an iphone and not pay for one I’d snatch one in an instance, I would like to have a Nokia N95 though, friend of mine bought a new iPhone the other day and after messing with his N95.. it would be really nice to have. Great camera, great features, has wifi.. overall to me just not worth $600 for a freaking phone…

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I can’t wait for the Google Android to come out. I know I won’t be able to buy it, but I hope to play with it anyway and am just eager to hear the public response about it.

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The HTC Touch Diamond because it looks amazing and unique.
The Blackberry Storm because it’s Blackberry’s first touch screen attempt.
The LG Dare because it’s on my carrier and looks pretty decent.
The Nuvifone because it’s the first Garmin phone.
The LG Omnia because it looks like an overall good phone.

And there’s a couple others that are already out or soon to be out that I like (enV2, Chocolate 3, Decoy, Instinct, Vu, and Blaze)

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I am about to to buy either a Dare or an Instinct which are both IMO better than the iphone. Did you hear that there were like 70 bugs in the 3g software? Right now I have a BlackBerry 8830 which is great but not the newest toy on the block.

I am buying my new phone from this site:

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