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Regardless of money or other things, what's your 3 dream jobs?

Asked by wsxwh111 (2464points) March 6th, 2015


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Doing musicals on Broadway

Owning a wildlife sanctuary for all kinds of animals imaginable

Research psychology (with people, not animals…not like any kind of creepy animal studies)

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The only thing I can think of is that I have always wanted to be a producer and own a music studio, as unrealistic as that sounds. As long as I remember, the first and last things I always hear while listening to music is the production. As a kid, I would wait for the release of a new album and be in near tears over how it had been recorded. My favorite recordings happen to be albums that I feel have perfect production – to my ear. How a band or musician is recorded is almost more important to me than the music they are generating. When I listen to music today, the first thing I hear is the production. If the production is ok, I can evaluate the actual music.

That said, I might as well say “famous actor”. Not very realistic, I suppose. Just a dream.

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Set designer


Museum curator

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Pro footballer
Movie stuntman
Boobs, anything to do with boobs, for free, all day long, gotta be firm & pert though.

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Landscape and wildlife photographer

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Can I also steal @jonsblond‘s? Also, if Anthony Bourdain were to retire…

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My real love is woodworking. But it is capital intensive. And even if I had the tools I am not sure if I could make enough for beer money.

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@ucme You’d like this job description from What’s New Pussycat

Michael James: Did you find a job?
Victor Skakapopulis: Yeah, I got something at the striptease. I help the girls dress and undress.
Michael James: Nice job.
Victor Skakapopulis: Twenty francs a week.
Michael James: Not very much.
Victor Skakapopulis: It’s all I can afford.

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Work in a bicycle shop.

Backpack Guide.

Skiing companion.

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I have my dream job,working 4on and 4 off playing with very large trucks.

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Science journalist.
Planetarium operator.

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@zenvelo Woah oh woah oh woah woah…

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the pipe dream
Owner of a successful comic book shop

the backup plan
Limosine driver

the possible reality
Owner and creative director of a graphic design studio

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Film critic
Graphic artist/animator at Pixar

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I would love to own an artisan(real) bread bakery and shop, I would be head baker of course.

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Comic artist.
Doing as much research as possible to increase my knowledge (I don’t know why, but doing research entertain me)

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History teacher.

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Trainer of drug detection/search-and-rescue dogs…
…if that wasn’t waaaayyy too exciting for me.

Head of a truly free school…
…if I had a lovely group of like-minded teachers.

Successful writer…
…rich enough to own a house, a couple of cows and three dogs. Not famous enough to get recognized, though!

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NASA engineer or programmer

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I want to be a successful author, a successful artist, and a wildlife photographer. There are lots of other things I want to be, but if I had to choose three it would probably be them.

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Personal trainer and/or paid fitness YouTuber. Getting paid to work out and talk about fitness and nutrition all day? Sign me up.

Writer. Working from home away from people all day would be amazing.

College professor. I’d love to teach really interesting elective courses in psych and criminal justice. I once took a course called “Analyzing Homicide” and I thought teaching that would be so fun. I’d never want to teach children, though, so college-level would be a must.

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Horror movie reviewer, video game designer, Viking.

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Vegetarian food writer.

Vegetarian food taster for Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.

Food stylist/food photographer.

P.S. I do all of these things as an amateur.

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