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What signals "down time" to you?

Asked by janbb (57164points) March 8th, 2015

When I want to really relax; I’ll put on a long flannel night gown and lounge around for a while. Do you have any particular cues or rituals that you use to signal to yourself that it is chill-out time?

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Pyjamas, a hot beverage, slippers, and a blanket for regular down time. For hardcore stress relief, I need headphones. In both cases, I am happy to lock my door and turn off my mobile. I’m still reachable on my land-line, much to my annoyance.

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My ninja turtle pajamas.

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When I walk in the door, the street clothes come off, the pajamas or sweats go on, the contact lenses come out and maybe I’ll make a cup of tea. I usually don’t even care about dinner, I just want either water or tea.

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@longgone “I’m still reachable on my land-line, much to my annoyance.”
Why not simply take it off the hook? Or if you have a message-minder just reduce the number of rings, before the answerphone clicks on, to 0

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More than anything, being warm and comfortable and sitting or reclining.

It can be by the pool in a bathing suit, or even clothing, by the pool.

At home in sweats or pajamas.

In a restaurant (it can even be a McDonalds) not worried about anything but relaxing.

The time I feel the most completely relaxed is in pajamas, next to my husband, and he rubs my forehead.

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My bed, my headphone, my blanket are all I need. I close the door, turn on the music and let my mind take me anywhere. Nobody disturb me!

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When my husband is home, we’ve had dinner and we snuggle up to watch some TV together.

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A cup of tea and lighting some candles. I generally only do either of these things if I don’t have to leave the house for the rest of the day (I drink tea at work or at other people’s houses but for some reason I only make myself one at home when I have no other plans for the rest of the day.)

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@Adagio There are people in my life I want to be reachable for. The thing is – when I get settled, I sometimes feel like shutting down completely. This feeling passes as soon as I’ve had some time to re-charge…so, as long as I don’t get called while starting to settle down, I’m fine.

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