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Can you access any pages with "blogspot" domain name?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (20174points) March 19th, 2015

Recently whenever I search for something on Google, and click on any result with “blogspot” domain name on the link, it always sends me to the “browser cannot load” page. I don’t really think the Blogspot side is down since some of the pages are updated very recently (according to Google), and there is a blog that I used to frequent and now it still seems to be regularly updated though I can no longer access it. Cleaning up cache won’t help, and I can’t access the site using any device. What’s happening?

FYI I bookmarked a helpful article on Blogspot and now I can’t access the article again.

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No problem here. I just went here and it worked.

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Strange… I can access that site too, but I can access this

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I can access that too. Have you tried in a different browser?

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No good. Firefox and Google Chrome failed!

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What device are you using to try? Maybe it is a DNS thing. You could try Google’s DNS service and see if that helps.

Maybe Vietnam is fucking up DNS.

Or your computer has malware.

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Changing the DNS worked! Thanks so much @johnpowell.

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