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Is most of American debt from selling bonds to other countries?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) March 20th, 2015

Like China?

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Nope, only about 34%, which is split up among several nations. The highest (china) only holds 8% total. Nearly twice that (that other 66 %) is held domestically. And that site is a bit old, but as of last October the percentages are still very similar,

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Most American debt is borrowed from the Federal Reserve, which is as just about as federal as Federal Express.
I feel that we take money and banking for granted, and little realize that the central bank is privately controlled, and literally creates money and interest out of nothing.
Money As Debt

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The question is sort of backwards.
The debt is not due to selling bonds (to other countries or any other entities) the debt is due to federal spending that is beyond the amount collected as tax revenues.
The bonds are sold to raise money to do that spending beyond revenue.

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