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How do I get to my Samsung lite's dial keypad?

Asked by silky1 (1510points) March 22nd, 2015

i’m trying to use the letters on my dial pad. This is not for texting its for entering a password on an outgping call.

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Look on the Samsung website. They do have an 800 number for help with their products. There is one for tablets and another for phones.

This was helpful to me when I first got my Galaxy Tablet.

Or stop by the store for your cellular carrier. Sometimes they know what they’re doing; other times it’s a crapshoot but if it’s nearby, at least worth a try.

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The alphabet are standard on ALL keypads. The letters have been the same since before cellphones. This is the payout Texting, password, internet… doesn’t matter; the letters are in the same place.

Or are you unsure how to get the dialpad to show up while in the middle of a call? On all Android phones, taking it away from your face will clear the proximity sensor and light up the screen.

At the bottom of the screen are buttons for End call, mute, speakerphone, and keypad. I think you can guess which one of those you need. SOme phones may have an extra button or two for things like bluetooth or conference calls, and some may just have a picture of a 10-key keypad, but there is a button, and it’s right there.

EDIT – Check page 54 of the manual

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