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Know any scenic 8-10 mile running routes in San Francisco and/or Oakland?

Asked by happiNESS (138points) July 15th, 2008

I’m training for a half marathon in August, but will be visiting The Bay Area this weekend and need to continue my training.

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The Lands End Trail is an awesome hike/run with beautiful views of the city, the GG Bridge and the Marin Headlands. You can also run along the Embarcadero (note: this blog has lots of cool runs as well). Finally, this website will plot runs for you in San Francisco. For example, this seems to be a great loop through the Presidio. Have fun.

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For the East Bay, from the Palo Alto Run Club:
Wunderlich Park, off Woodside Rd/Tripp Rd. on Woodside Road in Woodside. Nice 10–11 mile loop up to Skyline Road.

Windy Hill Open Space Preserve – Portola Road, Portola Valley. 8–10 mile loop up Spring Ridge, then down Razorback Ridge. It’s a beautiful trail running and starts and ends at either end. The best part is the shade, especially when it’s hot. The trail is almost completely covered with trees.

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Ahh, Shi stole my answer. (Lands End Trail)

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The length of Golden Gate Park (including the panhandle) is 8–9 miles round trip from the Panhandle to the ocean and back along JFK drive. I LOVE this run and my friend who is training for a marathon lately just did this (plus some) as part of her training. I think this run is awesome because the park is beautiful, there are water fountains, and there will be lots of other fun things happening especially if you go on Sunday there are no cars!

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