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Do you enjoy sleeping?

Asked by prettypenny (522points) March 26th, 2015

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Details will only taint your mind.

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When I was younger I loved it. I didn’t like going to sleep at night, but I liked the actual sleep.

Now my sleep is fraught with some sort if crap about half the time. Might be a nightmare, might be waking up and feeling like I can’t get enough air, might be walking up in the middle of the night for seemingly no reason.

The other half the time I sleep right through the night, but it’s for fewer hours than when I was younger.

I do like taking a nap when I need it. Especially if my husband cuddles up with me. That happens maybe once a month.

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If I don’t wake up, otherwise it is a teaser, you pop out of it, and you are still in this bucket of bile.

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It’s an undeniable hobby. Too bad I don’t always have time to devote to it.

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I’m not so good at it without artificially inducing it (ever since i was born), but I love it. Every night I take 2 diphenhydramines (Benedryl), 4 mg Melatonin, 5 mg Vitamin B6, and a couple puffs on a joint. And I love the feeling of drifting away, and then the actual sleep itself I love. I love the quiet of it. I love the dreams that occur, even if they’re bad, it’s fine. I go to the same places in my dreams and there’s a continuing life on that side. I love waking up so long as I don’t have to be anywhere anytime soon (like work) so that way I can go back to sleep. I prefer to sleep 3am to noon.

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I do- especially when my mind is untainted.

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Sleeping is an unnecessary waste of resources (time for that in the grave).. Unfortunately it’s one of the biggest parts of existing so I use it as sparingly as my body will allow. Eating is another wasteful part of life and much more so now that the vegans have become our nannies and I can’t eat what I enjoyed when I was younger but here too comes the necessity of it but I don’t use it as sparingly as my sleep periods (especially when I visit my favorite Mexican/Chinese and American restaurants).

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I love sleeping. Sometimes I suffer from insomnia, but mostly I love sleeping. I have some crazy dreams and find them fun.

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More than I should. I do not want to give in to sleep so much but I have constant sleepiness. Wish I could be more active!

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Not really, no. Unless I’m extremely tired, I don’t look forward to going to bed. It just seems like there are so many more amusing things to do!

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I enjoy the prospect of sleep when i’m dog tired, but as for enjoying sleep itself…I dunno, coz i’m asleep.

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I enjoy my sleep time when it happens and when I can sleep as long as I like. When this happens the latter half of the sleep is usually a dozing, on again, off again, type of pattern where the line between reality and dreamsleep is blurred. That is the time I enjoy the most.

Sometimes I actually look forward to it but those times are usually during the depressive stages.

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Sleeping is necessary. Like eating.
But one should be concerned if they realize they are using it too often as a form of recreation.

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I dislike going to sleep at night, but I can’t seem to crawl out of bed in the morning?!
(Afternoon naps on the floor are lovely, though.)

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It’s a love/hate relationship. I love to sleep—when I feel like it. But I hate that I need to sleep.

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Right now I fucking LOVE sleeping. I’ve been having vivid dreams that I remember every single morning, and I’m sleeping really restfully. I’m also really tired/worn ragged a lot so sleepytime is very much appreciated when it comes around.

My relationship with sleep is not always this good; sometimes I’ll go through phases (usually when I’m very stressed) where sleep is very restless and disturbed for me. As soon as my brain starts to get stupid from being half-asleep, I forget that I don’t have any responsibilities at night besides sleeping, and I start feeling like I need to be doing something, or somebody needs me, or I need to figure something out. I hate that.

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Oh yes, especially after a day with a good workout. I think I appreciate it even more than normal because I used to have serious problems sleeping.

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I suffer from insomnia quite frequently. Sleep might be my favorite thing in the whole world.

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Oh yes. Especially since I started on this Chantix. I wake up in the morning feeling like someone poured concrete in my arms and legs. It’s all I can do to get up!

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I enjoy it. Sometimes sleeping is the highlight of my day.

I am an excellent sleeper. – mount shut, no snoring and I am out like a light. Nice!

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I don’t think we can say we enjoy sleeping, as we are not aware of being asleep, what I enjoy is waking up feeling grrrreat when I get a good nights sleep and languishhing in bed, stretching waking up nice and easy.
I get up and start the coffee pot then go back to bed until it is ready.

Last night sucked! haha
Just as I lay down I knocked my water glass over and had to get up again to clean it up. Then I heard one of my cats barfing….lovely! Got up to find the hairball gag moment and cleaned that up.

Cats were then racing all over the place playing, stampeding up and down the hallway and waking me up intermittently.
THEN…..I had a sex dream about my ex husband of which I NEVER think about after being divorced for 12 years now.
It was super weird. lol
I hope I sleep better tonight.

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Yes. I especially love the moments when I am drifting off but not fully asleep.

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I love sleep, and I love pillows and blankets and comforters. I have this weird obsession about soft things, especially pillows. I mean it’s serious. It’s like the opposite of a phobia.
I also like having nightmares, it’s like free horror movies. Well kind of. Nightmares are like vomiting. It sucks while it’s happening, but when it’s over I’m like dude, that kicked ass.

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I can so relate @Symbeline. I love it when I remember my dreams or when I’m conscious of dreaming while it’s happening. @Coloma and others have said you don’t know you’re sleeping. However, I know I’ve had occasions when I’ve been asleep but conscious of being in a dream. I have very vivid dreams and even if they’re scary, they’re fascinating and exciting. Have you had that @Symbeline?

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@Earthbound_Misfit That is called Lucid dreaming, where you are aware you are dreaming while in the middle of a dream. I have it sometimes too, it’s pretty cool. Not the same thing as dreamless sleep where you are completely unaware and might as well be dead because there is no consciousness whatsoever. lol

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@Earthbound_Misfit I sure do. I experience sleep paralysis, and it’s especially true then. They’re ALL scary, even if barely anything happens. It’s so vivid, and what happens is you dream with your eyes open, so it’s like hallucinating since you see the real stuff that’s around you, along with whatever you’re dreaming about. But when it’s over, that’s when I realize just how kickass it was lol.

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When I was about 14 I developed a fear about sleeping. I guess I over thought it, but suddenly it seemed like such a WEIRD thing to do! So I got scared of it.

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I had a similar phobia in my early teens @Dutchess_III I went through a period where I was terrified that I wouldn’t wake up.

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Hi,I absolutely enjoy sleeping.You’ll be astonished after hearing that Many people in Japan list sleeping as a hobby. They will say ‘My hobbies are Ikebana, watching movies and sleeping’. I assume again they actually mean they are so busy with work,life etc that in their spare moments of leisure they have a nap.

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I am pleased to report I slept like the dead last night, 10.5 blissful hours,10 p.m. to 8:30 a.m. only one bathroom moment at 3 a.m. lol
No stampeding pussy cats, no spilled water and no weird dreams. I feel really good this morning, I was damn tired from the last few days of work and activities.

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I used to put “sleeping” as one of my strengths on my resume.

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^^Did it get you hired? I’d do some drastic things just to get a job right about now.

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No it did not get me hired!

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This is a loaded question in that whether one sleeps to live or lives to sleep. I’ve known both types.

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I love sleeping. I just wish I didn’t feel so much guilt over it, and could do it whenever I wanted.

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