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What's the quickest, easiest way to sell my junk?

Asked by tinyfaery (42695points) April 3rd, 2015 from iPhone

There are a lot of apps that allow you to list clothes, jewelry and various trinkets. Has anyone ever tried one of these apps?

Is there another way. I don’t want to have a garage sale and it will take forever to list everything on Craigslist.

Any ideas?

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Facebook. I’m pretty sure that all counties have a buy/sell/trade page like this one.

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Have you considered a consignment shop? Or maybe hiring someone who will list things for you?

Also, how valuable your stuff is should factor into your method of selling it.

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I’ve never used apps for this purpose. I’ve sold books on Amazon and held garage sales. I know a lot of people who have sold things on Craigslist.

You can do a single blanket posting on Craigslist, listing the things you have for sale. Post lots pictures, or you won’t get any interest. It’s all very tedious, but the more work you put in, the more likely you are to have sales, unfortunately. I know a couple of people who have sold a lot of stuff on Ebay, but they did single listings for everything – lots of maintenance.

I’ve also seen people sell entire contents of their apartments via university mailing lists. If there’s a big university in your town, see if they have an active message board / forum / Facebook page / whatever. Newly arrived students and postdocs need cheap stuff that they can eventually sell on down the line when they finish.

A garage sale probably means the least amount of prep, and you don’t have to wonder whether people will show up to buy what they promised to buy. That’s the biggest drawback of Craigslist. But with a garage sale, you have to hang out and watch the browsers. And if you’re not on a well-beaten path, you have to advertise.

There’s going to be a trade-off no matter which option you choose. All in all, a listing on Craigslist or uni site is probably the easiest route for the biggest return.

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Contact three people that give estimates for estates. Tell each that the are not the only one giving an appraisal, see who is the highest. Sell it “lock stock and barrel” with them to remove the items.

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If you sell on Amazon or ebay you’re going to have to ship. If you get rid of it locally they’ll come get it.

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I sold a car and our 5 acres via facebook.

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I don’t have Facebook. I’m thinking of trying one of the selling apps. Everything else seems like a pain in the ass.

I just want to sell my old clothes, jewelry I no longer wear, stuff like that.

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Garage sale. Put a small ad in the local “paper.” Think about asking neighbors if they want to do it and have a block garage sale.

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For used clothing and jewelry, try Crossroads.

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I don’t understand why you don’t just make a fb account, find a buy / sell / trade page in your area and post your stuff. You’ll probably have it sold in a day. Then you can just delete your account. You don’t have to worry about baby sitting a garage sale, or shipping or whatever. Just post it and leave for a while.

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Clothes and jewelry?
I’d definitely try a consignment shop. Or look for someone listing on FB for a percent of sales. Anything under 25% is a great deal.
Another option not mentioned is a flea market. You take your stuff and sell it in an assigned spot for a nominal fee. You spend part of a day selling what will sell, then bag the rest and donate on the way home.

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@ibstubro Yes, trying consignment stores is a good idea. Thrift shops (non-consignment) tend to pay nothing, though. And there’s a lot of variation from store to store, I find.

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