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If a person puts sugar in your gas tank can you filter it and re-use it?

Asked by boss (2points) July 15th, 2008 from iPhone
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Sure, but it’s gonna taste like gasoline. I wouldn’t sweeten my tea with it.
Oh! You meant the gas.
I don’t know.

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Generally not a problem. Snopes chimes in as well.
Sugar doesn’t dissolve in gasoline.

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more of a problem than dissolving is that most cars have their fuel pump inside the gas tank and it may pickup some sugar sludge and push it toward the engine thereby clogging the fuel filter (easy to replace) and the fuel injectors (most cars have them now) the gas tank can be drained by a mechanic who then can dispose of the contents. the tank may need to be removed and cleaned in a professional way

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“Do not attempt to reuse any fuel that may be contaminated. Dispose of any contaminated fuel following local, state, or provincial regulations. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, one of the best ways to dispose of contaminated fuel is to clean it and mix one-to-five with new fuel and burn it in a small engine, such as a lawn mower. Straining or pouring gasoline from the top of water can clean fuel, if large amounts of water are present. If the water concentration is not too high, fuel conditioners can be added to absorb the water.”

According to this site.

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breedmitch: you are NOT alone, I read it the same way. It is in the manner in which it is written.

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Same here. Dammit, breedmitch! That was s’posed to be my smartass answer!

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Don’t worry, Chuckie. I was thinking of you the whole time I was typing.

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SA’s of the world unite, or are we merely rubbing off on one another. I read the question on the main page and that was the first thing I thought of answering, but I was in a car, on my iPhone and I’ve had baaaad experiences trying that.

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Me too. It’s hard to fluther while steering with your knees!

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Okay SA, I wasn’t the one driving. I’ve always wondered why you could pop in your pondering at any given moment.

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,,,and AC, the former English educator that you are, why don’t you reconstruct the sentence into a more proper form for us. I’m sure gail has already turned into a pumpkin by now. I’ve tried, but I’m tired and I have a headache.
then again, maybe the boss was trying to reclaim his sugar
“good night and good luck”~erm

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