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What percentage of female cops have you came across that wasn't in a police station? ?

Asked by johnpowell (17848points) April 16th, 2015

I can’t think of a single time a female cop has ever got up in my business while out on the street. And I have probably had 20+ encounters with cops.

But the one time I was mugged the person that took the report was female. This was with her behind a desk.

Do any female cops patrol the street? I have never seen one.

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They’re out there, usually working traffic, or Vice, and most of them have a male partner.

I’ve never had a female cop fuck with me, but I see them around frequently.

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In my town probably 30% of the cops I see out and around are women.

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Was pulled over for speeding by two. Separate occasions.

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My daughter was a street cop in our county in Georgia for seven years. Patrol car, blue lights, Glock, the works.

And on our county police force, there are probably another 30–40 females.

You’re hanging around the wrong places, @johnpowell

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When I was in FNB, one of the two cops that approached us one day was female.
(They came to tell us that the bigwigs 60 stories above us were complaining because we were ruining the park’s appearance.)

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I’ve never been in a police station.

I have seen many female patrol officers, oftentimes on their own without backup.

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I see quite a few walking their beats in shopping centres and around the city. Also, I had to call the police one day and both a male and female police officer came around. I have to say they were excellent, super helpful and showed a lot of common sense.

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I see female cops here all the time.

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See them all the time over here, sexy biatches, i’d like to come across some of them.

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We see them here all the time teamed up with male cops.

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There’s quite a few around here. I’m not sure why, because they’re not allowed to get out of their car at a traffic stop without backup since people started shooting cops during traffic stops.

Just makes the whole process take twice as long and twice as inefficient.

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My house of almost 20 years is less than a mile from the local police station. Several officers live in the neighborhood. Patrol cars come through here frequently as a short-cut to the main road. I have even contacted the non-emergency # three times. Not yet have I seen or talked to a female.

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All of them.

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My sister is working on becoming a state trooper.

I very rarely see female cops. Probably 5–10%. But they do do street patrol.

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In the UK they do. I would estimate about 30% of the police officers I see on the street are women. One of my cousins was a police woman.

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