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What advantages and disadvantages do you see with releasing every episode of a 'TV' series at the same time on an internet streaming provider, such as Netflix?

Asked by ragingloli (49282points) May 15th, 2015

Like the recently released ‘Daredevil’ Series.

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You can binge watch and not disrupt the continuity. No commercials. Pick and choose episodes you may have missed. I can’t think of a single disadvantage for the consumer.

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Thrombosis. Lots of thrombosis.

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Lots of housework not getting done, lots of binger’s regret.

Plus the social conversation would be so little. When you release those bite size chunks of episodes you can drum up hype, make conversations, discuss the story, etc. When everyone watches the whole thing at once there’s not really much to talk about, and nobody watches it at the same time so you risk spoilers for people who are taking their time.

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Hmmm. Deeper than I realized 2 great answers

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I don’t have Netflix. I would actually rather own the first season on Bu-ray

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For someone who wants to write a new genre type show, they can easily see that just about every genre/story/plot line has been thoroughly covered already, and can/might be able to come up with more ideas for more of the weird shit we’re getting on TV now..

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