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Do you avoid the threads of people you can’t stand or like a moth to a flame, you find yourself drawn to them and can’t pass them up?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) May 15th, 2015

Do you find yourself clicking into a thread or question of a person you don’t like or care for, even when you say you will not? If you find yourself doing it, why do you believe you cannot stop or avoid doing so? Way back when, they had a poll about Howard Stern, as to why people tuned in to his show when they could not stand him, and the response often came up, to see what outrageous thing he will say or do next. Are some people drawn to mental drama like watching a bad train wreck, you know it will not be good, but you can’t look away.

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No. I answer based on how interesting the question is. It doesn’t matter who asked it.

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I usually just browse through the question feed until something catches my eye and I jump right in.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve made multiple comments on a thread before I even thought to go back up to the top and see who the OP was.

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It’s a Q&A site, I find that fairly simple to follow, the individuals responsible are entirely secondary.

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There’s no one here I don’t care for. The beauty of this place is in the questions. Some interest you, others you ignore.

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It depends on how interesting the question is to me.

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Nah, if I was that kind of person, I’d leave Fluther, as such behaviour kind of defeats the purpose of a community and Q&A site. I mean sure, there’s some people I may not be too fond of, but there’s no one I seethingly dislike, not online anyway. I would have to be pretty petty and hate filled to start all my Fluther sessions with ignoring certain peeps as my first thought and intent.

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There are two people I really don’t care for and both of them rarely ask questions, so this is never a problem for me.

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I rarely care who is on a thread. If I have something to say about the topic, I just write my answer to the question.

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I have never claimed not to click on questions of anyone I don’t care for.

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Evil must be opposed.

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I too answer depending on my interest in the question. There are only 3 people here that I do not care for to varying degrees and they don’t ask many questions. 3 out of dozens and dozens, not too bad. haha

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There’s no one here that I dislike. At worst I am indifferent to some but that’s only because I haven’t had much to do with them. However, sometimes I enjoy a good eye roll and there are two people that I can think of whos questions often give me that opportunity!!

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Apparently the latter.

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There’s nobody here that I can’t stand. Jellies from the past who got on my nerves are no longer here, so it’s all good.

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I avoid all threads, expecially those I can’t pass up.

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“They rarely ask questions….” Obviously it isn’t me, @jonsblond!

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Gosh, there’s no one on Fluther I know well enough not to stand. But anyone with a question or comment I find not to my interest or taste, yes, I do avoid. Except very occasionally, I have no difficulty restraining myself from being drawn to a question or thread which I know isn’t my cuppa tea.

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Neither, I answer if I have something worth saying. I’m not above a strong eye roll though.

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