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How to scold Milo for having an accident in a spot he knew I'd see?

Asked by gailcalled (54639points) July 17th, 2008

This AM, he went outside and came back in; he then sat on my bed chewing paper and trying to get the phone wire. When I got up, I saw he had pooped in center of floor where door opens. (I’d either see it or slip.)

He had food and water set up properly, but the litter box was a little fuller than usual. He gets cranky also when the bottom of bowl is visible, even tho there is food around edges. How long do I wait for make-up making-out?

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I’m very surprised that Milo pooped in such an odd area – is there a possibility that he had a “cling-on” or a “dangler”? Sometimes they’ll have a piece caught in the hair around the rectum or if the stool is dry and hard, they aren’t able to get it all of the way out. Cat’s are usually much more concerned about burying poop and are more likely to let loose with urine.

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@syz- “cling-on” LOL ; )

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Unfortunately, this was a perfectly normal bm(squishy when I picked it up in toilet-paper) one long turd, two smaller pieces. My guess is that fastidious Himself didn’t like the litter in the litter box. What a way to start my day, however.

So much for all my fancy education. I still have a lot to learn. His chewing on paper usually means that he is mad, hungry, annoyed, or all of the above.

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Well, I guess HRH doesn’t like to get his feet dirty. (Of course, if I had to potty barefoot in a sand box full of yucky land mines and then bury everything with my bare hands, I’d be picky too.)

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Thank you for cheering up grumpy Gail.

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Get that scooper out and get to work, says Milo.

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Please extend His Majesty my fondest regards for training you so well.
I had a cat that would never use anything but the scratching post, unless I passed her without acknowledging her royal presence. She would then pluck one and only one fiber from the carpeting on the staircase, right where I would see it.

You have a very intelligent cat. Live up to his expectations. He is complimenting you by demonstrating that he knows you are intelligent as well, and are trainable. If he thought you were hopeless, he wouldn’t bother wasting his time.

You two were meant for each other.

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That cat owns you!!

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Of course he does. Maybe I should wear a collar and tag that says” Owner; Milo Wald. slave, Gail.

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Seriously Gail. How much longer is Milo going to be with you? You two have a very antagonistic relationship. Where’s the love? : )

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Yes, the love is there, and gail has the scars to prove it! ;} Milo is just keeping her entertained for us.

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I am also using hyperbole to entertain you. We are friends most of the time; I am still on the learning curve, and unlike my ex-, he makes me laugh a lot.

What I find really interesting is how he is able to explain what went wrong or what I forgot. He likes his food in a volcano shape, w/o the bottom of the dish showing through. If it is, I can often simply rattle and shake the dried food and fool him, but just for a while. Then he chews on a paper near me.

I am truly fond of the handsome guy; he has a rakish attitude most of the time.

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Not to worry, gail is just a bit “purr’ turbed.
with apologies in advance, I’ll go sit in the corner now

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Good to know. Cats are wonderful companions.

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Hey Gail
It wasn’t an accident. It was on purr pus.
and with that I’ll go to my room

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Shoo Seesul shoo!
Chases seesul with a rolled up newspaper

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Gail! He is a cat, thus: no guilt about anything.

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Cardinal; I have enough guilt for the both of us.

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@gail Any chance of a picture?

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@tiny: see PM

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