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Have you heard that the Texas rejection of Obamacare will cost the state one hundred billion dollars in federal Medicaid money?

Asked by stanleybmanly (23802points) May 30th, 2015 from iPhone

It’s money that will have to be made up by Texas businesses as well as the insured in the state. The state already has the 2nd highest premiums in the nation. 25 percent of the nation’s uninsured now reside in Texas!

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Texans have shown that ideology (radical right wing) is more important to them than serving citizens or saving money. The way I see it, they’re so full of themselves they could care less which poor whites and blacks and hispanics die from lack of medical care.

Texans simply do not care.

(Except when Houston has floods and the governor asks from FEMA help. Then they like the federal government.)

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Isn’t it appropriate that Texans pay for their medical treatment instead of making New Yorkers or Ohioans do it for them?
@elbanditoroso And since you hold them in such low esteem, it seems you would think they deserved it.
Just asking.

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@josie – the state government, acting on behalf of its people, consciously and deliberately made the choice to reject the Medicaid money – and for irrational reasons dealing with Obama-hatred and right wing anger.

So, yes, they clearly brought the $100 billion bill for medicaid costs onto themselves.

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And Remember Alamo Car Rental

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it’s almost too incredible to contemplate. Texas runs the startling risk of being the first red state in the history of the country paying more to the federal government than it receives in benefits! The goobers governing the place haven’t even grasped the amazing reality that taxpayers in Texas will be subsidizing the health care expenses of Californians, New Yorkers and “Ohioans” I suppose @Josie has a legitimate point. Let’s applaud Texas for standing by principles even in defiance of common sense. 100 BILLION dollars!

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Apparently they caved. After looking like idiots, they now look like idiots who can’t stand by their principles.

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@susanc – where did you read that they caved? I don’t see any news articles stating that.

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As a Canadian I don’t understand why Americans are so afraid of government health care?

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We are a stupid people, and there’s a lot of profit to harvest for those who count on it.

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@elbanditoroso – it was noted in today’s Houston Chronicle that both Texas Senators voted against aid for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

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