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Which TV show would you choose to be stuck in for 1 month?

Asked by Devilishtreat (621points) June 11th, 2015

Why did you pick that one?

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Gilligan’s Island, with Mary Ann (only)

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The only show I enjoy watching is The Walking Dead, but I’m not sure I want to be stuck there for a month.
@elbanditoroso I could be stuck there with her. She was hot.

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For me, there are a lot of serial shows that I’ve never seen. Sopranos is one I heard is great. The Tudors is another I heard is great. Breaking Bad is another. So it would probably be a tossup. Maybe Tudors would be first choice. What people have told me is that there are great sets, great locations, great costumes, great jewelry, beautiful actors and actresses and great sex. Sounds like some fun for a one month gig.

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“I Dream of Jeannie” Barbara Eden.

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Vintage Bewitched. Oh what fun, turning people you don’t like into frogs and a little twitch has your house clean and dinner on the table and a cocktail in your hand. lol

The show I would not choose would be “Naked and Afraid.” F——k that, no eating jungle bugs for me. lol

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The Brady Bunch, so I could assassinate every fucking one of them.

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Although I haven’t gotten into it yet (TV at our house is a team sport and both parties usually need to be interested for it to make it to the screen) but from what I know about DR Who, I think I would love to be in that show. Always been fascinated by time travel.

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Provided I get all the powers and abilities on par with its heroes, Dragonball Z.
Otherwise, Star Trek TNG.

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Doctor Who.

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I’d like to live in Doctor Who for a week if I were the Doctor. Otherwise, I’d probably just be killed off. A week is no length of time to be a Doctor’s companion.

So, I’d probably choose Star Trek TNG or DS9. Culturally, those would be great places to spend a week, and the work would be fascinating.

For setting and style, maybe Pushing Daisies. Everything is just so lush and beautiful there; the wardrobe alone would be worth it.

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“Louie” ! I’d love to hang out CK and his precicious TV kids.

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I should add that I’m guaranteed to be the butt of MANY uncomfortabe jokes.

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Topping my list would definitely be Bones because of that awesome lab where the “squints” work.

A very close runner-up would be ST: Voyager, in part to interact with the holographic doctor and in part to see first hand what Neelix’s cooking really does taste like.

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Chopped or Master Chef (assuming they were filming daily, had overnight accommodations and let me taste the dishes)

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Firefly. Out in the black with Captain Mal’s crew…and of course Captain Mal himself…though Kaylee could convince me to switch teams.

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Star Trek would be fun.

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You like getting abused by Gordon Ramsay?

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verbally, I mean.

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Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
they were a fun bunch of characters, and there was something to learn about TV production from it.

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Seinfeld Living in NYC for a month would be pretty cool. Plus, I’d feel equipped to deal with the characters’ neuroses after growing up in a family full of their own quirky ways. In hindsight, that might be why I enjoyed the show.

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@Hypocrisy_Central That was a great show. Did you watch Sports Night as well? If you haven’t, you should check it out.

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Definitely Seinfeld, I would of had a blast at Kramer’s Jewish Single night

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“Gilmore Girls” although I’d probably end up being Babette rather than Lorelei or Rory.

(Thought I’d posted this already. If it shows up on another question, that’s what I get for Florking.)

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@janbb At least you’re not Flunkerorking. That would be worse.

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@dappled_leaves True – but buy me a beer and I’ll give it a try.

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Xena. So I could catch arrows and wear skimpy leather outfits.

Well one of those is possible. I’m pretty good at catching arrows.

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Actually, Ramsay reserves his abusive personal tirades for his other show, Hell’s Kitchen.

On MC he doesn’t do that over the top nonsense. He speaks in a normal tone without yelling and reserves his critical comments for the food rather than personal attacks like on HK.

Honestly, it’s like watching two different people.

I’ve totally stopped watching HK altogether as the histrionics are just not believable. It’s just done for show and gets tiresome year after year.

On MC it’s actually possible to learn something as his comments are frequently as instructional as they are critical. Because the bottom line is that Ramsay does know what he’s talking about. If I lived anywhere near one of his restaurants I’d eat there without hesitation because he has such exacting standards based upon solid culinary knowledge. His personality on HK may be crap but his experience and culinary expertise is second to none.

It’s really a shame that HK pulls in the ratings it does because it just perpetuates that ogre persona of his. But if he attempted to modify that and behave more like he does on MC, the ratings would undoubtedly tank. Both the and the execs realize this so the ogre formula persists because that’s what people expect from that show.

And interestingly, if he were to be as brutal to the contestants on MC as he is to those on HK, the audience wouldn’t accept it because they are just home cooks without any professional restaurant experience. He cant reasonably expect the same things from them as for those on HK.

But I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would sign up for a stint on Hell’s Kitchen cuz it definitely lives up to its name :)

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House. As an established character – I would not want to be a newbie in that work climate. My close second choice would be Friends.

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Well, MasterChef has amateur chefs and homecooks, and he knows that.
Hell’s Kitchen has supposedly professional cooks that should simply know better.

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@Symbeline _ Xena. So I could catch arrows and wear skimpy leather outfits._
Well one of those is possible. I’m pretty good at catching arrows.
OK, then we will just fit you with a leather bikini as Raquel Welch had in One Million Years B.C. <wink wink>

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@longgone Would you be Phoebe?

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^ Maybe. I love her. Do I seem like I should be? I would be okay with being Ross, Monica and Chandler as well. Can’t see me as Rachel or Joey.

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Wheel of Fortune.

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Yup, you’re right. And those on HK should know better but whether it’s required of them in their usual work environment is obviously up for debate. Most of them are line cooks and everything rests upon the standards of whichever restaurant employed them. So, basically crapshoot.

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I think they deliberately select the most crappy “chefs” for Hell’s Kitchen for the ratings.
I have the same suspicion about his “Kitchen Nightmares” show, that they select the most disfunctional restaurants with the worst food.

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There are two shows I’d love to be with for even longer than a week if necessary.

The first is Babylon 5. Most of the ST shows, except for DS 9, are set on spaceships but B5 was like an entire self contained city or its own world. Totally fascinating.

And on a different note, the other show I love is The Little Couple. It doesn’t get the block buster ratings and press as those various execrable Real Housewives yelling, fighting, overturning tables, hair pulling etc. etc. but The LC is real life with intelligent compassionate people.

I was pretty amazed that Jen’s cancer diagnosis didn’t prompt them to just take a hiatus and some privacy but they just continued.

Most so-called reality shows are a bunch of contrived crap but The Little Couple is the real deal and now that they have their two adorable kids (whom they traveled around the world twice to adopt) it’s even better.

It’s just nice to spend time with such decent people.

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Ha ha. Yeah, you’re right. Just watching even one episode of HK contrasted with one episode of Top Chef makes that immediately obvious. They’ve gotten some really high quality people on Top Chef over the years. Even those who don’t win the show itself come out as winners in real life because of their skills.

As for Kitchen Nightmares, I’m sure they have little problems scraping the bottom of the barrel :)

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Boardwalk Empire. I love the historical details and the fact that a respectable mayor is actually a gangster.

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I’d go with “Malcolm In the Middle”. I’d love to be a guest at their house for a month. I’d have so many stories to tell.

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Vikings. I want to be a female warrior. I’ll be a shield maidon.

This is a great question. I was torn between Vikings, Mad Men and Downton Abbey. I fancy Mad Men but I wouldn’t enjoy the way women are treated at that time.

I like things like the Walking Dead, Falling Skies and so on, but I wouldn’t fancy being part of those experiences at all!

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21 Jumpstreet. I would like the chance to be Johnny Depp’s partner, and maybe they would write me in as his girlfriend.
Star Trek would be fun for a quick visit, because I would love to give the holodeck a whirl.

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Oh yeah, @Earthbound_Misfit reminded me, add Mad Men to my list. Still, The Tudors would be first, though.

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Love it or List It.

Because David is sooooooo cute, and I love Hillary’s voice. Plus, I love house hunting and seeing the progress of house renovations. I’d have to buy some cold weather clothes, though, because it’s set in Canada, and it’s always snowing when they’re showing homes. I wonder if it snows year round where they are. Not sure what part of Canada they’re in.

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@Kardamom There is no part of Canada where it snows year ‘round. Just dress for, say, Michigan, and you’ll be fine. :)

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@dappled_leaves I wonder if they film that show in the middle of winter, and if so why?

I’ve never been to Michigan, so I’m not sure how to dress there either Lol. I live where it is perpetually summer.

Oh, I wouldn’t mind tagging along for a month on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

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Altho they do feature some really good food places, somehow I have a hunch that well before that month is up you may find yourself wishing to choke him senseless :)

Even tho they run (and rerun) all the episodes of his show practically nonstop on weekends and holidays, I can only stand to watch no more than two in a row. After that I need a break.

A little bit of Guy at a time goes a long long way :)

However , give me Jacques Pepin or Lydia Bastianich and I could hang with them forever.

They may be a lot more low key but they have so much knowledge to impart, i’d be constantly fascinated.

I find that I can only take but so much of the thousand megawatt ego trippers like Emeril or Guy before I have the urge to run screaming in the opposite direction :)

Obviously a large portion of the Food Network audience disagrees with me (altho I do think they finally got burned out on Emeril and his constant BAM, BAM, BAM.)

I remember the good old days in the beginning of Food Network where the majority of the programs consisted of substance over style (eg: David Rosengarten, reruns of Julia and Jacques, Alton Brown, etc.)

Nowadays it seems to be the opposite; whoever shouts the loudest alternating with every crazy kind of contest imaginable and glorified travelogues like triple D.

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@Buttonstc That is true, ha ha.

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Gilmore Girls or Reba

I love the happiness that generally runs through both series. Whenever I watch them i wish I was living them.

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@Kardamom and @Buttonstc: I used to love Alton Brown’s show where he’d have unusual props and talk about the science behind cooking.

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Fortunately, it’s still on in reruns and I still watch it regularly.

But, his latest show “Cuthroat Kitchen” follows in the mold of useless competition shows.

When it first debuted, I really really wanted to like it just because it’s him and I recorded it regularly. But trying to force myself to actually watch it after the first 2–3 times became an exercise in futility.

It was just too silly without any possibility for learning anything that I just found it a waste of time. I mean, how is there anything to be learned from watching a contestant try futuley to produce a decent dish while being forced to use only a popcorn popper or an easy bake over ? The only bit of wisdom to be gleaned from that is: Don’t ever enter a cooking competition where the main point is being forced into ridiculously impossible limitations which would never happen in real life.

I was so disappointed because he is so much better than that. He has such a wealth of knowledge to impart and they reduce him to that ? Absolutely ridiculous.

But, that’s apparently what brings in the ratings, I guess :(

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@Buttonstc I hate that show too. It’s ridiculous. It would make more sense if it was an actual competition show, like if they were out in the wilderness, and they had some of their cooking tools taken away and they had to make due with the things they found in their environment. No chef or home cook would ever purposely use a shark’s jaw or a plastic spork to bake a cherry pie. I don’t like the idea of them having to buy stuff either. Everything that they do puts no one on an even playing field, it’s just stupid. Then the judges say, “This lemon tart doesn’t taste like lemons, nor does it look like a tart.” Well duh! That’s because one of the other idiots on the show bought all of his lemons and left him with mushrooms. Then he traded his all purpose flour for a spatula, and so his crust had to be made with crushed Doritos. Of course it doesn’t look or taste like a lemon tart, you twit!

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