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Is Greek yogurt one of the best preventative foods available or is it overrated?

Asked by Aster (19949points) June 14th, 2015

I began eating Greek yogurt a few weeks ago in the flavor of vanilla bean and just love it. It’s low fat . Am I doing my health a big favor or simply ingesting another con job?

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I have it for breakfast with fruit (usually berries, although today fresh peaches). I eat it because it is high in protein low in carbs. It is a great start to the day.

Here are eight ways it benefits your health.

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If it is the real thing, the original, then it is unbeatable.

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Who knows. It’s another one of those trends that can be argued either way. Some experts believe strongly in avoiding all, or close to all, animal products. Some doctors think low fat dairy products are a great thing.

I personally think avoiding animal is a good thing, but I don’t totally practice what I preach, so do whatever you think is best. You aren’t going to get a 100% know for a fact answer.

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It’s high in protein so helps you feel full for longer. It tastes good with fruit which is good for you. Seems like a good deal to me. I’ve just had a strawberry Greek yogurt for my pudding

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It’s more or less good for you in moderation.

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Well lets start with what Greek yogurt actually is. It’s made for the most part the same as regular yogurt, except Greek yogurt has the liquid strained out of it, so it has a thicker texture and more protein. Other than that, Greek yogurt is the same. Depending on the brand and the you’re of milk, yogurts can have alot of bacteria, or almost none at all. The main benefit is you can replace other high in fat foods with it, so it is good for diets. Also it is traditionally made from goat milk, but most of what you find in stores is made from moo juice. If healthy is what you’re going for, buy the plain unflavored stuff and add your own flavor, as you have more control as to what goes in.

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