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What is the farthest trip you ever took?

Asked by Apparently_Im_The_Grumpy_One (3901points) June 16th, 2015

Why did you take it?
How did you get there?
What happened along the way?

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Ireland. Went 3 times – two on a tour and once just “free” and took public transport around. It was great every time.

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I went to Mcdonough.

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To Taiwan in 2010. Great fun.
I really, really want to go to Vietnam.

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London to Brisbane. Sydney to London. Sydney to LA and then onto Vancouver. Living in Australia means if you want to go anywhere but more local Asian countries, you’re in for a long-haul trip.

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The center of my Ego only to discover it didn’t really exist. I got there via LSD and huffing industrial furniture varnish.

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Oops, didn’t fully answer.

I went to be with a friend whose husband works for an international tech co.
I flew, 13 hours over the Pacific ocean, kinda stressful, haha
Had a great time, went to the famous “snake Alley” night market, many other night markets, the Taipei Zoo, saw many beautiful buddhist temples, traveled across the island by train to Taroko Nat park where head hunters still lived until 100 years ago. Stayed in beautiful beach resort towns in remote parts of the island.

Beautiful island ( formerly known as Formosa ) and it was also chinese new year so Taipei city was snap, crackle, popping with crazy fireworks night and day for 2 weeks straight. Also toured the Taipei 101 building which was still the tallest building in the world a year or so before the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Takes a few seconds to load.

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New York to Shin-Kobe Japan.

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To England from California. My mother and I are huge Anglo-philes, plus I am a Beatles fan. I got to walk across Abbey Road in London. We ate lots of delicious food, and saw marvelous examples of British architecture, art and countryside. The Brits were so nice : )

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Australia to Sweden. The Nordic countries have always held a special allure for me. The trip then took me to Russia and some of Eastern Europe. Because a holiday that resembles home isn’t a holiday at all.

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Either Egypt or the Truck lagoon. Both miserable flights but glad I went. Will never fly that far in coach again.

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In 1984 I spent 2 weeks in China. Ate a lot of nasty shit.

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Boston to Beijing by way of San Francisco. About 20+ hours in the air. That was a challenge. Lots of walking up and down the aisles.

We spent three weeks in China. From Beijing to Nanning to Guangzhou to Hong Kong.

We went to adopt our daughter.

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I’ve been right around the world a time or two. From the Midwest to New Zealand, from New Zealand to the US again a few times and then from New Zealand to Scotland and Scandinavia via Singapore. The worst flight I had was from NZ to the US with a horrible migraine. I threw up every time I landed and I can’t even remember how I made my connections in LA and Denver or how I even got out of Chicago…. I think a brother picked me up. I’m sure I didn’t drive.

Of course, I lived and worked in New Zealand for 15 years. Loved it. The trip to Scotland via Singapore was a ‘destination wedding’ and now I live in Norway and have done for 13 years.

I guess the easiest way to put it is I’ve been to 46 degrees South Latitude and as far north as 70 degrees North Latitude, and I’ve been right round the longitudes.

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Western usa to Cape Town. I forget how long it was but it was long. Cape Town to Australia. Not that bad I think 12 hours. I used to go to the USA from Australia a lot. 2 hours to Sydney, 14 to lax, then one or two to where I was going. Ehhhhhh

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Memphis to Paris via three planes. It was a two-week European vacation with a good friend and her mother. The friend handled all of the arrangements. All I needed to do was show up in Columbus with a passport, credit card and a small suitcase.

What happened? We showed up in Philadelphia to find out that that the Philly to Paris tickets hadn’t been booked. The Paris hotel had a shared bathroom by floor. The drapes were tea towels attached to a string by safety pins. My long locks were cut off at a Parisian shop and the friend called me “little boy” for the rest of the trip.

The rest of the trip was done via train. It included Nice, Monaco, London, Vienna, Salzburg, and one very brief overnight stay in Germany to catch a flight home. This was pre-Euro, so it was a matter of learning different currencies every couple of days. It was an adventure.

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Honolulu to London, one stop (LA).

Boston to Taipei Taiwan (with a day in Tokyo)

Denver to Sydney Australia (one stop, LA)

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From San Francisco CA to Jakarta, Indonesia. Took two days of flying – took Pan Am 2 to Tokyo, overnight, then another Pan Am flight to Hong Kong, then Singapore, where I caught a connection to Jakarta.

Was going to visit my parents over Christmas vacation.

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Pan Am! Someone is showing their age. Very cool. My bestie is on her way to Jakarta from here in Norway. I’m already sick at the idea of her leaving for good, but I can’t blame her. Jeg unner henne.

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Japan. Flew from Memphis International to Chicago O’hare and then on to Tokyo. Spent a few days in Tokyo, then a train ride to Kyoto for one night, and then back to Tokyo.

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The dark side of the moon, August 18 1984, around 2:30 in the am.
Lay on my bed as a teen, 3 parts pissed, headphones on, Floyd booming in my ears.

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Austin to Bejing—7,000 miles. I really thought I’d spend the rest of my life on that plane!

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@ucme, there is no dark side of the moon really. Matter of fact it’s all dark. ;-)

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@Pachy Tell that to Jim Lovell…“you saw the whole of the moon”

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@ucme, tell that to Pink Floyd.

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Well , I have been around the world but I’ve never been to me.

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@Pachy all in all you’re just another brick in the wall.

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Atlanta to Johannesburg. About 17 hours. Uneventful and not very memorable since it was all work.

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I went to Costa Rica for a month. I had wanted to go for ages. I volunteered to save baby sea turtles, which was pretty cool and a lot of fun. I flew over New York and it took about 18 hours.

My way there was a little scary, because I missed my connecting flight. Spent the night at the airport, all alone, wandering around and sleeping for short periods. In the morning, I caught the plane and was sound asleep before take-off.

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Scotland to Chongqing to meet someone. It took about 17 hours in all. I wanted to look out of the window as the mountains of Mongolia were covered in snow but the hostesses wanted the blinds kept shut. I lost my Walkman on the plane, probably when I fell asleep.

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England to Toronto, for a holiday. Went by air (obviously). The flight was uneventful until the very end; when we landed the landing was so smooth and perfect that the entire cabin, all 200-odd passengers, gave the pilot a standing ovation.

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