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Have you eaten, or would you eat, jellyfish?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) June 18th, 2015

I found it available in small refrigerated packets at the Korean market.

Probably inevitable that I will eventually try it.

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No, I haven’t. No, I have no interest at all.

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I’ve eaten it for years. It is very popular in Japan. It tastes like whatever it is dipped in, usually soy sauce.

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Nope and double nope.

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No. Yes—I love jelly.

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There were brief directions about is being best eaten warm and sauced, @LuckyGuy. Is soy your favorite, or just the handiest?

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Ew no. No sushi for me, either.

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County Market has some delicious sushi, and I’m not normally a fan, @Dutchess_III. Do you have County Market in Kansas?

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I have. We put them in the dish, add some seasonings, and eat them, raw! Really, they can only be eaten raw, at least that’s what my parents said. And we can only eat their tentacles. It feels like some kind of crunchy noodles.

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Not deliberately

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No. But I’m not a fan of that stuff.

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Jelly fish is between 95 and 98% water. So why don’t cha pour yourself a cup of sea water, ad a teaspoon of petroleum oil and some soy sauce, and be done with it!

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I didn’t think there was much to them. I’ve swam with them, didn’t get stung although some of my friends did. I’d try it, why not, you don’t know until you try.

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Used to catch them in Florida.

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No because I am a vegetarian.

If I wasnt’ a vegetarian I probably wouldn’t try it either. I never liked seafood and it just sounds yucky.

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I have eaten it twice; the first time was at a Chinese banquet. One of the courses was a seafood platter with this noodle-type thing in the middle, that tasted fishy rather than noodly. I asked the waitress what it was and she refused to tell me because she said it would put me off. I begged her to tell me and she eventually said it was jellyfish. Everyone else at the table pulled a face and stopped eating it. I didn’t. I did buy some from the Chinese supermarket a while later but I didn’t really know how to prepare it, and it tasted nothing like what I had in the banquet.

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You are a braver person than I, @downtide! I am really super bad at trying new foods.

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I love trying new things, and I’ll try pretty much anything, as long as I know it doesn’t contain milk. Or loads of sugar.

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I’ve never eaten jellyfish, I didn’t even know people ate jellyfish, I can’t imagine it being anything but tasteless, hence the need for sauce I guess.

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The most recent new thing I tasted, and with extreme reservation but they made me, was a jalapeno popper. It was 2 years ago. I don’t like hot stuff, but I love cream cheese. That’s the only reason I considered it. I nibbled it doubtfully…..and that’s all she wrote. I could live on them things!

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No, and I don’t think I would. It’s mostly just water anyway, right? The consistency grosses me out. But worst of all, it’d be cannibalism.

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Dang. There was congestion at the exit I needed to take to buy jellyfish and that distracted me from turning. 5 o’clock rush hour, so there was no going back. Good thing I ate some delicious spring rolls, a quesapita, some samosas and a bit of naan while in town. I came home with baba ganoush, fresh baked naan and an order of tabouli salad.

What kind of seasonings, @Mimishu1995, @Tropical_Willie, @downtide for jellyfish? I’ll look on-line, too. I nearly bought some rice wine vinegar recently, now I wish I had.

Next trip I plan to try HoHut.

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It was at a Japanese restaurant, ordered by a Japanese consultant ( Sensei ) for my company.

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@ibstubro well, just things like peanuts, herbs, salt… anything that can add some taste to the jellyfish.

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Eating any part of a jellyfish holds no appeal. Would I do it? Of course. It would be an adventur. Whether it is appreciated down the road is another.

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I think it would probably kill you!

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@Dutchess_III Some types of jellyfish are edible.

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I wouldn’t think there would be much left after the water drains out.

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There are plenty of photos on the internet showing what it looks like prepared for human consumption. There is also a decent amount of information on jellyfish as a human food.

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I’ll go look.
I just remember catching them in Tampa bay as a kid. It was pretty cool.

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