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I'm thinking of drastic changes to keep cool what should I do (Details inside ) ?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) July 3rd, 2015

I am sitting on ice cubes and keeping my blinds closed. I’m wondering about shaving my head. Should I shave my head? I have an electric trimmer.

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vote for pedro

no, don’t shave your head.

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Don’t shave. Get a fan.

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You could buzzcut it. That’s not as extreme and is pretty cooling.

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@anniereborn Thanks I buzzed the back part of my head. It feels much better.

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Try a wet towel over your head or around your neck.

If you have a breeze from the window, or a fan, spritzing your shirt and sitting in the breeze is refreshing.

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Keep your hair. Nothing worse than a sunburned dome.

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Soak a T-shit in warm water, wring it out and put it on. When it starts to get dried out, wet it again. (Why warm water instead of cold?? It’s not so shocking to put the shirt on and it’ll cool off quickly anyway.)

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Fill up a container with really cool water that’s large enough for your feet, then stick them in while you’re sitting around. It’ll instantly make you feel much better.

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You want drastic- how about moving to Prince Rupert, BC?

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What @kritiper said. Also, wet hair is wonderfully cooling. If you are hot at night, sleep with a bottle of frozen water.

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Hair is a form of insulation, so it is worth a try to cut it. What you will most likely find is that shorter hair makes little difference in lowering body temperature if the environment is above normal body temperature.

Home improvements can reduce the amount of heat in the living environment. The type and condition of roofing and insulation play a part. If there isn’t a central AC system or one that effectively works, a window AC unit can be invaluable. Opening windows at night if the outdoor temperature is low enough will help cool off an abode, especially if a crosswind can be created. If not, a floor fan can help. The type of window blinds can also make a difference.

Wet hair, clothing and even bathing in cool water only last briefly. Cooling the body’s inner core where there is more heat is more successful. Consider consuming foods that are chilled. Eating grapes, bananas or yogurt that have been stored in the freezer for an hour or so are healthy options. Refrigerated foods can also help.

Sitting on ice cubes or using any other form of frozen treatment to cool the outer body can be harmful to the skin unless wrapped appropriately in a protective cover like a towel and with limited use.

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In addition to what @Pied_Pfeffer said, sitting on cool or cold stuff will help you to develop hemorrhoids.

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I saw this a Multi Cool Towel on a commercial. I read some reviews and it looks like it might work. You can get it at Amazon or other places.

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Global warming got you down? How about one of these?

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I told my apartment manager about the heat and got a free a/c for the apartment. I’m nice and comfortable. I also shaved the itchy parts of my head.

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@talljasperman That is wonderful! Enjoy your cooler summer!

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My solution to keeping cool enough to sleep is the “Chillow”. A cooling device. I use a mini chillow. Too wonderful for words. I live in a high desaert area where it frequently gets above 100 F.

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