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The Stock Exchange, United Airlines and The Wall Street Journal experience computer glitches almost simultaneously 7-8-15. Is the US experiencing a cyber assault?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) July 9th, 2015

China’s stock market has lost around 30% of value since June, and recent hacks have been blamed on the Chinese.

Are they possibly trying to bring the US market down with their own?

Putin would also gain from a major US setback.

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Nope. Simultaneity is not correlation and is not causation or connectedness. And the stock market was open all day yesterday, it was one exchange out of dozens that was offline.

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Let me put my tinfoil hat on…There! 7+8=15

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Coincidences happen.

My guess is that some company (Cisco, Juniper) in the networking business sent a new update/release out on July 1, and each of NNYSE, UAL, WSJ, applied it yesterday, and it was bad.

I wonder which networking company it was

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The NYSE outage was the result of a software change that was loaded onto one device on Tuesday night, but conforming changes were not made on other servers. That problem was resolved, but the fix disrupted other servers.

No relation to any other company’s problems.

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Always remember that just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they are not out to get you.

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When did United not have computer problems?
The market had a problem and people crashed the WSJ site trying to find out what was going on.

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My initial thought was this could be related to leaked trove from the Hacking Team breach.

Lots of 0-days in there. But it looks like it was a bad software update and a bunch of coincidence.

And yeah.. Patch Flash right fucking now.

Or just uninstall it.

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When I was seven I learned a word and had an experience I’ve never forgotten in all the year since.

One Saturday afternoon in a state of excitement and amazement, I told my mother that I had just seen “The Halls of Montezuma,” a movie that I had heard my friends talking about at school earlier that week. She told me it was a “coincidence,” a word I had never heard, and explained what it meant: “a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.”

Well, for me at that tender age, seeing that movie certainly qualified as “remarkable concurrence of events,” so that evening, when we went to visit my grandmother, the first thing I told her about—and I can still picture where I was when I did it—was my brand new word and experience. And she was only the first of many adults I told.

So… this is my nostalgic and long-winded way of saying… those computer glitches were coincidences. At least that’s what I believe.

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Thanks for the NYSE info, @zenvelo.

Maybe you should have asked my question, @SquirrelEStuff. You did a much more interesting job of it.

If they’re good, @elbanditoroso, the “who” is buried.

lol @rojo.

I un-re-installed on your advice, @johnpowell. Now what’s the reason I needed to do that?

Trunks for the memories, @Pachy. :-)

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Well, for me at that tender age, seeing that movie certainly qualified as “remarkable concurrence of events,” so that evening,

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There was a unknown security flaw that was released in the Hacking Team docs that applied to Flash. It has been patched. Everyone needs to upgrade.

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I un-re-installed on your advice, @johnpowell, and Flash is currently nonworking.

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Well let’s review!! Seems to me that China had what they called a (RESET) commonly known in America as a CrAsH on that day, and we probably burped really LOUD, and called it a
CYber- GLItch to keep the pacifiers in the ( kiddos) mouth, and asleep, it’s not time to Rock
the Cradle yet !! hehehe!!! Just wait until September when the sH#t comes rolling down hill….looook- out people. Greece who?

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