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Any creative uses for a really long box?

Asked by AshlynM (10552points) July 22nd, 2015

It’s a box a ceiling fan came in, it’s longer than it is wide. I’m trying to think of a way to reuse it for something. I’ve looked up many uses for cardboard boxes already but would like to know what you think. Thanks.

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it could be come the first arm of your future cardboard gundam costume.

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Can you post a photo for us?

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Coffin for your pet snake?

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@longgone That would be perfect except I don’t have a pet snake, or any other pets.

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I would post a photo but not sure how.

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^ Flickr is very easy to use.

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Or just tell us the dimensions.

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Are there any little kids around where you live? If the box is big enough inside and doesn’t have any sharp edges, staples or other dangerous attachments, it might make a fun climb-through/climb on thingy for adventurous little ones.

Oh, and cheers to you for trying to re-purpose rather than just toss it.

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Have any dead bodies you need to dispose of?

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If it fits under your couch or bed, you can use it for extra storage.

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I use a box of that shape (I’m guessing) to store starter wood and newspaper for my wood burning stove. My stove can take wood 600 mm, 24 inches, long. Sticks that fit in the box make perfect kindling and the box catches all the loose bark so it doesn’t leave a mess on the living room floor.

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Third request for the dimensions of the box.

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Possibly use it for storing posters, but that all depends on the dimension of the box.

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Put elastic bands on it and adjust how taut they are to make a string instrument. The more taut, the higher the pitch.

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A cat condominium

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Send long-stem roses in it.

Make a really cool periscope with your kid.

Make a camera with extraordinary focal length

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@ragingloli Epyon made out of ceiling fan boxes yo.

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Well while we all try for a definition of “really long”, let’s estimate the length of the average blade on a household ceiling fan. I don’t think the box is “really long”, but rather proportionally a great deal longer than it is wide or deep. Questions such as this drive me fkn crazy. I realize it’s silly to be upset over anything that appears here, but it’s tough to consider this sort of question without frustration.

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