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How is it that I get hot water immediately in my hotel room?

Asked by AstroChuck (37560points) July 20th, 2008 from iPhone

After a grueling red eye from Sacramento to Boston (w/ s.o. in Chicago) I couldn’t wait to take a hot shower. I noticed that the water was hot as soon as I turned it on. At home I have to let it heat up for a couple of minutes. Also, I’m on the fifth floor yet I am getting very strong pressure as well, much better than at home. I then realized this is usually how it is in whatever hotel that I happen to stay. So how do they do that?

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Well for one, their water heaters are a lot larger than those that the regular person has in their home.

Another factor is where you live. My father’s house is built on top of a natural spring and the water is very cold no matter what the season. As a result the water at his house takes a good five minutes to heat. So it where the water is coming from makes a difference.

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My guess would be the pipes. So, at home, the reason it takes some time to get hot water is that the pipes bringing it to the shower are cold. With a hotel, someone is probably using hot water pretty much all the time so the pipes are hot all the time.

Don’t know for sure but I think that might be it.

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Here is an article that not only explains it, chuckie, but tells you how to have it at home. Excerpt: “Have you ever wondered why most motels and hotels have instant hot water at the tap in the restroom? It’s becasue of the hot water circulating system they use. At the end of the hot water circuit, there is a line that returns to the water inlet of the hot water system…the hot water line is pumped by a very small cirulating pump that keep the hot water circulating through insulated hot water lines through the building,. You can do exactly the same thing with yout house hot water very inexpensively.”

Are you eating scrod or lobster? Hitting Fenway? Shooping on Newbury Street? Wish I was there.

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No lobster as I am a veg. Going on a “duck” tour in a couple hours. Need a quick nap first.

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They have pumps that circulate water continuesly from the hot water heater through the pipes on a circulating feed. Because of this hot water only needs to travel about a foot.

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