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Why does my weed wacker keep stalling?

Asked by alabare (282points) July 21st, 2008 from iPhone

every time I give it gas, it stalls. I’ve adjusted the idle thing, still no luck. It’s only about a year old. How can I fix it?

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Sell it and go with electric.

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gee, that helps. :)

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Change the igniting plug on it , if the fuel goes into the chamber but does not ignite, then its flooding itself with fuel. Or the oil could be dirty. You should definitly invest in an eletric weed eater.

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@AtSe: I agree. It sounds like either bad oil or an igniter plug that’s gone.

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Sounds like the air/fuel mixture is off. Does it idle roughly? The choke mechanism may be fouled…If it’s a two-stroke, the oil-to-gas ratio may be off. Is it smoking more than normally?
Need more symptoms before the final diagnosis.

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