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What is your single largest expense(bill) per month, not including house, vehicle payment, or rent?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (15681points) August 24th, 2015

Ours would have to be gas, for our vehicles.

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Cable and Internet. Also food.

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Cable & internet.

I don’t drive all that much.

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food, by far (family of 5)

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It’s my credit card bill.

The most expensive category on it is food. I shop at Whole Paycheck Foods for most of my groceries.

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On a par with food is child care. Works out to about $1,000 a month.

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$1000 a month for child care??!! WOW!
Gas for our three vehicles is our biggest with food coming in a very close 2nd.

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@SQUEEKY2 – re: childcare – $1000 is likely just a few hours per week. If you figure $15/hour, that’s only 16 hours/week. My wife and I juggle work hours in order to cover 90% of child care. But I don’t know how people do it without the flexibility that we have.

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@DoNotKnow I never doubted it, just taken back a bit by the cost,that’s all, another reason I am so glad we chose the childless route,those little duffers are blinkin expensive!!

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Health insurance

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Really @janbb ??
Wow I thought all you Americans just loved your health system just the way it is?
After all you are the last Industrialized nation on earth Not to have universal health care for it’s citizens,your country wouldn’t be letting the private health care system screw it’s citizens now would it??
Sorry couldn’t resist.I will stop now.

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^ Don’t rub it in. I pay about $10k/year health costs, which brings me a couple thousand short of food expenses. But there have been years where health has been higher.

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@DoNotKnow Most Americans seem to think universal health care is free,that is NOT the case at all,it is affordable to all Canadians no matter what your income is.
If I didn’t get it through work it would cost $100 a month for Mrs Squeeky and myself, I just am always amazed when so many Americans are so against it.
PLEASE note: that $100 does not cover prescriptions or Dental but does cover all the rest.

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Groceries. I don’t qualify for health insurance and our state has no Medicaid for my use.

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Groceries! Takes a ton of peanuts to keep pachy going.

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Food, by far. And I shop at cheaper places than Whole Foods.

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Right now, while my husband is out of work—health insurance. Then probably property taxes? We pay the taxes once a year, but it’s a really big number. After that, groceries. Then car insurance I think. My husband pays all the bills, but I know roughly what they are.

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@SQUEEKY2 I think you have been a jelly long enough to know that a whole lot of American jellies want socialized medicine. Please don’t state all Americans are the same or think the same, because it’s ridiculous. We are over 300 million people! I rarely assume when people generalize on Fluther that they mean everyone in a group thinks exactly the same, but the way you wrote it, directing it right at @janbb, I find it a little off-putting. I’m hoping you were being sarcastic.

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@JLeslie Of course I was being sarcastic but have been told by a lot of Americans as well they believe what the statuesque is the best,and they aint paying for any freeloaders medicare, that is where the sarcasm is coming from, not really directed at anyone in particular.
And in that post I was careful to say MOST and not all because I tend to get a lot of shit when I say all on anything I post here.

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@SQUEEKY2 I missed the most. I thought you wrote all you Americans?

We pay for “freeloaders” now. We have free medical care for the poor, it’s called Medicaid. Plus, when someone uses the ER and can’t pay, we people who do pay wind up paying more to cover it. Don’t listen to the idiots who talk about paying for freeloaders, they are ignorant. Arguments about medical costs, what type of system we want (socialized or private insurers, self pay, etc.) that’s all fine, but the people who focus on not wanting to pay for those who don’t pay are a waste of time, and a distraction from the main issues regarding healthcare in my country.

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Food, then health insurance.

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groceries. the kids are grown. I won the lottery and was born early enough to be qualified for Medicare, as well as when child care was for most people a trivial issue. The suffering In this place of enormous wealth on the part of so many of its citizens coerced into voting against their own interests is absolutely scandalous.

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Food. Next is transportation ($75/month).

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Taxes (property, income, dividends, capital gains, sales, car license, etc, etc, etc).

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Yes, food. The price of groceries is insane this last few years.
$100.00 for 3 bags of nothing.

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Child care which consists of either after school care (400+ per month) or camp (1500 per month). After that, a close second would be gasoline for the vehicle. That’s about 10 bucks a day, give or take.

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feline prostitutes.

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@ragingloli The cephalapods do it for free?

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On further thinking, I guess my answer is actually transportation since I buy food in increments and it never goes past $75 (or even $50) at one grocery run.

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Summed throughout the month: food

As a single, non rent payment: internet ($58/month, and worth every penny).

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Cable and Internet. But I also rent a store in town, so, technically, that isn’t house rent, so I guess that counts.

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My bus pass, which needed renewing, so thanks for reminding me. My bus pass is 210NOK (about 25 USD) a week, so that makes it more expensive than my cable and internet.

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It would be so great if I could just NOT eat anything for a while. Part of the problem is that by the time I get off work, my energy is totally sapped. I come home tired, I wake up tired. This means it’s basically impossible to summon the enthusiasm to cook a meal, and I eat a really unfortunate amount of convenience food during the week. :(

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Food. And I use leftovers as much as I can. The two of us just eat a lot and he buys steaks. I don’t eat steaks per se; I dice them and put them in my recipe I call, “Chinese Stir Fry. ”

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