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How Is jury duty going to effect Donald Trump's campaign?

Asked by talljasperman (21820points) August 31st, 2015

Positive or negative.

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Jury duty for whom? I don’t understand the question.

If you mean if he were called for jury duty, in all likelihood he would be eliminated from consideration. What lawyer in his right mind would want a loose cannon like Trump on any jury for either side?

Other than that I don’t see any connection between jury duty and elections or the politics involved.

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@Buttonstc The news shows Donald Trump being selected for jury duty.

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Hopefully, he does his civil duty. I don’t see how it would harm him, unless it’s for a grand jury where he will be obligated for a month or more.

He can probably get out of it by saying it’s a hardship if he tries, but it will probably play better with the public if he shows up for jury duty. Probably, none of the lawyers will pick him anyway.

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I was unaware that his name had come up.


You got that right. I don’t see any lawyer choosing him. Can you imagine Mr. Showboat on a jury? Ha ha.

Afaik, famous people may have their name come up in the normal rotation but they’re usually weeded out by one side or the other because their celebrity or fame would be too much of a distraction.

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@johnpowell Thanks for the heads up.

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Not at all.

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It’s stupidly easy to get out of jury duty anyway.

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Well no big surprise there :)

But this time with the spotlight on him he couldn’t ignore the summons as he had the past several times. Wrong address?
Yeaaaahhh riiiiight. Ha ha.

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No problem because no attorney (defense or prosecutor) would want Trump as a juror. He sees trough BS to well.

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