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Another cop doing his job is dead...why?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) September 1st, 2015

An any town USA cop was shot dead doing his job pursuing suspects on foot this morning, the suspects subsequently killed him, took his gun and gear and are now on the run. Two of the suspects are white and one is black. This not a hot bed incident like Ferguson or Boston….this is any Town USA one hour from my home.

What has infected our citizenry to go Wild West and just shoot up anyone that get’s in their way of taking what is not theirs to take or provoke the fellow citizens that take the oath to uphold our laws are now in open season country?

Yes there are bad apple cops but IMHO there are far more good cops trying to do their job than there are good crooks trying to rip us off. What has changed the fabric of our society to where not only blacks and cops but we all have to now look over our shoulders and wonder which of those around us will go ‘Postal’?

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Well there was also the suspect standing in front of the cops, hands over his head, and the cops shot him. What comes around goes around. Both sides need to remove heads from butts.

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@Adirondackwannabe My point here is this is not a high crime infested, cop vs the bad guys area. This is a town that is any town USA…bedroom community 2 hours from Chicago and the street life that normally invites cop/criminal conflicts. Regardless of the conditions that surround the life and times we live….police have a job to do and yes…interactions will result in a good cop or innocent person at the wrong place at the wrong time losing their life. You and I are close in age and I grew up in the city of Chicago and still live close enough to know the pulse of what is motivating the masses and I have never seen a higher voltage situation in my city, Ferguson or Boston and then some that is the current pervading our country right now and am curious as to what and why this is the case? What do cops think they might be above the law and why to people who commit crimes think they can do so without being held accountable by the men in uniform who we hire and pay to uphold our laws. Dead cops for any reason only shine a spotlight on this crazy problem we all face.

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@Cruiser It’s getting insane out there. We’ve had a road rage killing and attempted murder, a racially driven shooting downtown, and one of those escaped killers from Danamora ambushed and killed a Broome County Deputy. I don’t know if it’s the drugs or something else.

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I don’t condone this – my son-in-law is a police officer and I worry about this every day.

But I understand frustration and powerlessness. Folks get shot by the police, (seemingly more blacks than whites) and there is no accountability. Not every shot a policeman takes is righteous and proper; not every person killed by the police deserves to die.

Of course, not every victim is innocent either, let’s be clear about that.

But when the general public sees the police knocking off one person after another with the flimsiest of reasons and with no repercussions, the general public says – “if they can do it to us, we can do it to them”.

So I agree with @Adirondackwannabe.

Policemen: if you want respect, think before you shoot.

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@Cruiser: “What has infected our citizenry to go Wild West and just shoot up anyone that get’s in their way of taking what is not theirs to take or provoke the fellow citizens that take the oath to uphold our laws are now in open season country?”

I would be interested to see the data before coming to conclusions about crime trends. Historically, increases in crime reporting have corresponded with decreases in crime rates. The result is that the general public suspects crime is getting out of control.

But as for the U.S. gun culture – I agree. From police murdering unarmed people to school shootings to overall gun violence, it is difficult to understand it. It appears to be fairly unique to the U.S.

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A growing poorly educated subculture that does not have a method of resolving any kind of conflict without violence.
Combined with lots of male children with no father influence
Combined with lots of guns
Combined with a political agenda that benefits from enabling a victim classic

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Desperation, the thought of no hope,no future ,what have I got to lose type attitude.
PS,remember your not for a living wage.

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Wasn’t this guy alone chasing multiple men, on foot? That’s dumb. I hope that’s not procedure.

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You have to admit that a documented history of overly aggressive actions by those few bad apples has helped create a climate of fear and loathing in many American communities.

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To quote one of my favourite games:
“When you sign up for the wrong outfit, you get what you deserve.”

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The elephant in the room is the easy availability of guns in the US.

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The number of police killed in the line of duty is actually down quite a bit this year.

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@zenvelo 26 this year vs 30 last year is not that big a difference and I would expect or attribute the drop to better protective gear and policing/response techniques. What concerns me though is fact that in the last 10 days four cops were killed and 3 of the 4 were assassinated.

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*rightfully executed

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26 this year vs. 30 last year by the end of August or 30 last year for the whole year?

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@jca the report I read compared the same time spread of Jan 2014 to Sept 2 2014 and Jan 2015 to Sept 2 2015.

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@Cruiser: Excellent, thanks.

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Cops in America have been off the leash for years, violating civil rights, shooting and tazing people unnecessarily, acting like high school bullies with guns and badges. Sadly, every once in a while a good cop reaps what many others sow. If I went around acting like that down here on St. Lucia, even with a badge, I’d surely disappear one night. Cops don’t act like that in other parts of the free world.

Just in case your thoughts are being skewed, after the latest media concentration on cop killings in the past couple of weeks, cop shootings in the US are down 19% compared to this time last year. This is another circus by the media to bolster police forces that operate far beyond the law.

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We are also reaping as, as a society, the brutal treatment we allow our prisons to dispense. I’m not talking about minor human rights violations or long-term isolation, I’m talking about real starvation by guards who just don’t like certain inmates, or the withholding of meds. Brutal beatings, often fatal. Placing prisoners in boiling hot showers to make them confess to minor prison violations—this came to light this year in Florida when one was killed this way. The investigation revealed that this was routine. Guards are not under any scrutiny, evidently. Here’s a full page of articles on this Many of these cop killers are ex-convicts. Some guys will kill rather than go back to a place like that. Some will kill just because a man in uniform approaches them. I don’t think Florida has the worst prisons in the States, but they rival anything one would find in the worst prisons around the world.

If cops really want to feel safer, they’ll straighten themselves out and make these prisons more humane.

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All of this negativity towards cops, using phases like “reap what you sow” or “what goes around comes around”; that is garbage. Law enforcement, as an institution is rotten and needs to be fixed, but isn’t judging these innocently slain cops by the bad actions of some of their fellow officers just as bad as when the media judged Trayvon or Mike Brown or the guy in Cincy based on their histories?

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@cletrans2col No, it is not. Not at all. They are reaping what they have sown in their poor behavior toward the citizenry. They have militarized in many cities and have budgets way out of proportion to the size of the populations that they are said to “protect.” They have chosen to be adversarial. Of course they are getting shot. This isn’t something that will get fixed with a little sympathetic PR. The shooting of innocent citizens of all races is out of control. The tazing and beating of handcuffed individuals is out of control. The killing and torture in the prisons is out of control.

These are badly trained punks for the most part—a hitch as MPs being the only qualifications to get on with most departments. Most are not trained in how to deal with the menatally ill—which constitutes more than half the homeless and quite a few ex-cons and, for the most part, they take an us versus them bunker attitude against the populations they come in contact with. They need to change their ways if they want their jobs to be safer.

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If the police were as vociferous in protesting the actions of bad cops, and demonstrated an effort to arrest and prosecute the bad apples, there would be a lot more support and a lot less divisiveness.

When a cop, “flashbangs” a toddler in a crib, causes injuries, and then laughs about it, why wasn’t he fired, arrested, prosecuted, and jailed? Why? Because he was a cop, and cops don’t arrest other cops.

When the NYPD Police Union protests the Mayor who wants police accountability, the police have set themselves up in opposition to the community.

The police “protect and serve” their own, and not the people.

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Secondly-/elbanditoroso…. Great Answer!
Thirdly- there is an app for your phone . It is called:
5–0 Radio Pro
I would love for people to get it to listen to the dispatch calls from the city police, the state patrol, fire and emergency, etc.
Get yourself up in the night at some point and just listen to the type of calls the police are being dispatched to. It will stun you. For what those calls to 911 are concerning and what is waiting out there- it will make your hair stand up on end.
I sure as hell couldn’t go out on some of the aid/ assistance calls they get. Or the break-ins calls from security companies where they don’t have any idea what is waiting.
The most disturbing- – the domestic violence calls. Or the DV calls with a shout out to children’s services to be called.
The things being dealt with on some types of calls- if I show up and someone is ‘doing stupid’ with a weapon?
Are there some bad apples. Yep.
Have some been over the line? Yep
Yet- if I were to pull up and have someone waving a gun around at me- I’m not sure if I would get out and wave my hands in the air and say: ” Hey kid, is that gun real? ” or ” is that loaded?”.
If someone openly defies the law and is a punk-arse to an officer doing their job- do they get to be justifiably put up for beatification?
Some of the things said by the public makes me sick.
Some things done by law enforcement makes me sick.
Unless some people start working and talking together…. It will get worse.
But this tendancy to stir the pot to purposefully make things worse- it’s getting to the point where many folks- all types of folks, are getting TIRED of it.
And there are many different types of anger and hatred building up….we are ALL kicking ourselves in the arse. Double time.
Because some people are quiet, that doesn’t mean an acquiescence to the situations or spouted outcomes.
Every day I read and watch thousands of people fleeing their homeland to try to find a safe place to live and thrive and grow. No food. No water. No rest. Yet a small child who drowned trying to make it out of the Hell that IS the Middle East – he is being named for the flotsam/ jetsam in the water where his body washed ashore. One of many.

The whole world isn’t watching you!
Good God!
Wake up.
Shape up.
And be aware of all others.
Help- don’t divide!
If you can’t work to help many others in all ways…..
YOU Lose.
We ALL lose.
And thusly : we are all doomed….

Now. As it were…
Open up your hymnals to page 2015…..

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