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You are leaving your house for the day, and 10 minutes away you realized you forgot something, what would you have to go back for, and what could you live without for the day?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19414points) September 11th, 2015

Just wondering, yesterday forgot my cell phone and lived the whole day without it.
If it had been my wallet I would have had to return for it.
Had it been my bagged lunch in the fridge, I would have said to heck with it and bought a lunch.
With things you take when you leave, what would you have to go back for?

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Hahaha, I knew you’d work in the cell phone!

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It depends on if I’m late, how late I am and circumstances surrounding that.

If not late and if it’s do-able, I’d go back for pocketbook and/or keys (wouldn’t be driving without keys but hypothetical). Pocketbook which has credit cards, checks and ID is necessary, although I have forgotten it before, several times, on a work day. Phone I’d like but not worthy of going back, unless I didn’t have to rush (like if I wasn’t on the way to work). If I was traveling far from home and not in rush, I“d go back for phone.

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No matter how late I was I would have to return for my wallet,but that’s about it, keys are a non issue wouldn’t be driving with out them.

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If I have an extra 30 minutes (10 wasted, 10 home and 10 back) I might just postpone the trip to another day and change my itinerary to fit what I do have with me.

If I was on my way to work, I’d sooner do without my wallet than my cell phone. If I was day-tripping I would probably turn around for either cell or wallet.
First thing I have to do is check to see if the check-book is in the glove compartment of my car. Money talks. lol

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The answer to both is my Kinndle.
Sometimes when I am out, I need to have it. Sometimes I can get by without it.

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My wallet or a presentation that I had to do that day are the only things I’d go back for. I’d skip my phone.

I would also go back if I left the water running into my pond.

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There are occasions when I turn around because I can’t recall the garage door descending in my rear view mirrors.

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I have been very guilty of that one @stanleybmanly , just glad to see I am not alone.

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Two months ago I would have said phone, but then i was caught in a Rocky Mountain downpour, and despite doing my best to protect my phone, it got wet and died.

That was on a Saturday, and I didn’t get a new phone until I was home on Thursday. Awkward at first, but it actually went well.

So I would say wallet because I can’t go farther than I can walk without it. My transit card is in my wallet.

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I have gone without my wallet and cell phone many time and I can’t count the times I left my breakfast or lunch on the kitchen counter I knew my wife would find and put back in the fridge. The only thing I would have to turn around for is if I left my briefcase/computer bag at home and I have done that a couple times in the recent past.

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I guess nobody forgets and leaves the iron on anymore. I’d go back for my wallet maybe and my golf clubs for sure.

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Nothing. I normally take a packed lunch but can easily buy it if I forget my lunch. I would go hungry or borrow money to buy lunch, if I forgot my wallet and packed lunch. I have a pc at work so don’t need a laptop I sometimes bring home. My keys are always in my handbag so I don’t think I would ever forget it but there is nothing vital in there if I forgot it. Coat? It’s a short walk from the car park. Phone? Can live without – I can get on the internet and facebook my friends if I need to get in touch.

I had a little spate of forgetting ot lock the door. I’ve been back to lock it but I was passing my house so it wasn’t out my way. I’ve remembered not locking the door but not gone back because I was too far away. I live in a low crime area and have a long but exposed drive! It was fine!

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Well, I would definitely go back for my wife because, hey, if I didn’t life would be hell when I did finally get back..
And what I wouldn’t go back for because I can manage a day anyway without it is my wife my cell phone.

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I periodically run off and leave the cell phone. But it daily becomes increasingly less tolerable to be without the thing as I become aware of my need for a dedicated tablet. Oh the tortures of being drug kicking and screaming into the 21st century! Surrender Squeek! It’s like marriage or dessert. Eventually you MUST succumb!

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Who really needs clothes anyway.

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My pants.

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~My alibi .~

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My purse/wallet, and my make up bag and hairbrush. Must haves, no cell phone here. I travel incognito but I want to look nice if I get stranded somewhere too. lol

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The phone. I just turned around yesterday to get it, which was a drag because I walk, and I was halfway there. The lunch, ehhh I’ve left it.

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I usually avoid forgetting the phone by trying to keep it in my pocketbook overnight, if it’s not being charged. That way, it’s all ready to go in the morning.

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The only reason I would go back is if I needed the item specifically for where I was going, or if I needed the item to accomplish something necessary while away from my house.

I could be without my phone or wallet if I was just going to work, the grocery store, the gym, almost anywhere local I would just risk it or wing it, whatever the case might be. The grocery store might be tricky without my wallet. I have about $10 emergency money in my gym bag, so I could pick up one or two things if I forgot my wallet, but was going to the gym, and after going to the grocery store.

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