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What is the correct environmental term?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) September 11th, 2015

Is it global warming or global climate change?

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IMO opinion neither are correct and entirely speculative on a historically minute sampling of data scientific or otherwise. Global warming got kicked to the curb a few years back when the US started to experience cooler summer and nasty winters. So the climate zealots coined the term climate change which you can almost always argue that climate is changing and it does. Cold one year, hot the next, lots of big bad hurricanes years later hardly any. Weather and climate are fickle.

The only reason any of this started is because the like of Al Gore quickly realized there was millions of millions of dollars to make by screaming the sky is falling and panic stricken morons gobbled up their nonsense.

Those behind all this climate BS need to be honest about all this and just call it what it is….climate trends and quit with all the hysteria.

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The Hawaiian Islands are “hysterical”, the coral reefs around several of the islands are dying and bleaching. El Nino is blamed for 2014 and now 2015 bleaching is real and while it maybe not be permanent, it will be years before the bleaching is reversed (if at all).

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Call it what you choose. Either or both of these are correct. Oceans are both rising and warmer. Polar ice is vanishing while we watch. Winters are shorter. Many migrating species no longer bother. My apple tree was covered with blossoms in mid January. Tropical storms increase in both numbers and intensity as flood insurance rates skyrocket in coastal locations, while red state legislatures pass laws outlawing sea level rise. But hey it’s a free country. Believe what you wish.

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I would go with climate change. The effects are not will never be consistent across the entire globe. Some areas will be warmer, some colder and some under water. You will experience extremes of all kinds of weather phenomena and even, according to some, if you bury your head deep enough in the sand, it will not exist at all. Which is, of course, pure bullshit. The climate has, is and will change. That is what it does. Deniers cannot say it isn’t happening, they just don’t want you to blame humans for it, which is fine, again, bullshit, but fine.

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It’s just “Climate Change.” “Global warming” is a misleading, inaccurate term. Watch Al Gore’s film “An Inconvenient Truth.”

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Climate change is the result of global warming. The term points to the fact that there are many ways things could go, once we’ve done nothing for long enough. Right now, the Earth is getting warmer. When the cumulative effects of melting ice result in even higher water levels, the planet will react. Our climate is as precious as it is fragile, and seemingly unimportant changes can have a huge impact. Currents may change direction, ill-equipped species will make way for others, plant life will suffer, the make-up of our atmosphere might change.

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@longgone I would argue that global warming is merely a temporary symptom of the ever occurring climate change. 10,000 years ago any life form said HS…it is getting pretty cold these days as their environment turned to an ice castle. People nowadays are waving their hands over climate change why? My only answer is that they have been suckered into some talking point that is only there to suck money out of their wallets and they have no clue as to the validity of these climate change hysterics. People need to look at the bigger picture and if you take a step back climate change and look at a few HUNDRED THOUSAND YEARS of data….climate change is nothing more than a climate trend. If you live up north but some under armor because you will need it and if you are on the southern coast, stock up on sun screen and water wings….otherwise ignore the hype and enjoy the weather you have as best you can.

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^ I don’t agree, but probably won’t be able to convince you. My knowledge on this is very limited, I’m still learning new details every day. I suggest you talk to an expert, and then make up your mind. Consider that there is a lot of money at stake, and powerful people want you to keep buying those fossil fuels.

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@longgone I have done my research and why I can answer with conviction. This whole dialogue over climate change IMHO is indeed based on by those who can profit from it….yes there are many many people who dedicate themselves to the protection and preservation of our environment and my comments are not directed towards them as I am one of them as well. But when we as a society as a whole depends on and thusly demands that cheap gas and electricity be abundantly available without lifting a finger towards making better choices….then to me this whole argument over climate change is hypocritical at best.

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@Cruiser As I said – I don’t expect to change your mind. If I’ve given the impression of demanding cheap energy, that must have been a misunderstanding. I want oil to be expensive.

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@longgone No worries….I did not form my comments based on anything you have said or implied and I like you wish the powers that be would wise up and raise the price of gas to $6.00 a gallon at a minimum and then we would see meaningful change in the way people view and use gasoline in their daily lives.

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^ Ah, got it. We can agree on that!

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