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We all are all allowed ONE 'do over' in the next 48 hours. What's your's going to be?

Asked by msh (4262points) September 18th, 2015 from iPhone

Oops! A time warp has encircled the earth! (or perhaps it’s just some orbiting space junk!)
It will cause a change in time and dates, past and present, but just for a period of 48 hours. Anyone can go back to any ONE point in their own lives and have a second chance to relive or change one thing (a do-over)!
Just keep in mind- you go and change something too much- you will lose some of the people, places, achievements—things in your life today. At the end of the 48, everything is done. Back to normal. Or is it?

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I would go back to my high school year and tell myself to just stop asking for peer acceptance. There was no point in that, they still didn’t like me no matter hard I tried, and it also brought some irritating drama I had to deal with after I left school. I would also avoid that long depression and self-hatred.

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I was sitting on my friends bed and there were cooler kids than I and I was peer pressured into smoking.

Just did some math and I have spent around 20K on smokes and all I have really gotten from it is poor health.

I wish I had never started smoking.

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Marry the woman I should have, instead of the one I did.

Of course, that was 30+ years ago, so everything since then would also change.

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I don’t know if I’d do anything differently, even the bad shit that happened in my life made me who I am today. There was one relationship I screwed up and really hurt someone, and I did some really stupid shit driving a car. That hurt for a long time. Probably the relationship is what I’d try to do over.

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I wish I would have broken up properly with my Costa Rican long distance girlfriend, instead of just not writing to her anymore.

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I probably should have partied less and applied myself more, but god we had fun. The night before our SAT exams I piled 13 other kids into a Ford Granada with a case of beer and we went out for pizza.

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I’d ask my high school / college school sweetheart to marry me. (Pretty sure she would say yes.)

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Oh, some of those may have difficult consequences. For instance. I first thought I would tell the younger me not to ever start smoking. But it was actually an excuse over cigarettes that gave me the opportunity to get to know my husband. He was going to the store to buy beer ( I didn’t like beer) but I used an excuse of buying cigarettes to go with him. Plus he was also a smoker, so non, smoking me may have been put off by his smoking and we wouldn’t be together today.
Likewise, any personality changes may have created different out comes in my life. Ok, I wouldn’t have let my daughter go out to play the day she fell and dropped her front tooth. The root never grew in properly after they replaced it an no orthodontist ever wanted to touch her because they said the tooth would fall out, and it would be a problem since it was a front tooth.

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Right now I’d settle for going back 48 hours before I tweaked my back doing horse stuff yesterday. I have NEVER hurt my back, guess there’s a first for everything, so now I am super paranoid to bend or move too quickly and, I have 2 weeks before a major 2 week ranch sitting job of managing 14 horses. Just going to take it slow and eat a lot of Advil today. The money is too good to be true and I must be in shape.

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@Coloma Yes, and there are those days. :(

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If I was able to change something I would change, the Adjustment Bureau would be on my tail big time. Most of the people I know now I most likely never would have met. It would be interesting who I would meet, but then my great niece and nephew may never have been born.

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Just one wouldn’t do it.

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A girl in my class at school asked her friend to tell me that she liked me. We were both shy and we did nothing more about it. I haven’t seen her since but I can still conjure up her face, pale and unhappy looking with dark eyes. If I had the chance I would ask her out. Youth is so wasted on the young.

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Get the lottery numbers right.

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I’d go back to when I was 7 years old and try to beat some sense into me. I was such an evil little brat. I made everyones life miserable and I’m so sorry for that.

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Yeah, I’m with @kritiper

Let’s get that Powerball.

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