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In reference to The answer from @SmashTheState involving realpolitik, why is so little reference made to Otto Von Bismarck these days?

Asked by stanleybmanly (22359points) September 20th, 2015 from iPhone

It seems in an age as ruthless and cutthroat as ours more study of the master of relentless pragmatism and his methods should be rather essential.

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Because he is German, and all Germans are Nazis, obviously.
He is also the inventor of public health insurance.

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Interesting point. Try to classify HIM as a limp wristed liberal!

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Hmmm…so what is a female liberal called, a limp breasted liberal?

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Limp wristed liberal works well for either sex. Funny how gender classifications filter into politics. You don’t quite know what to think when someone comments admiringly that “Margaret Thatcher certainly had ‘a pair’.”

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Relentless pragmatism stultifies what we need most, innovative, big picture thinking, for the future.

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Since Nixon, the Amerikan presidency has been increasingly marked by ideological fanaticism rather than utilitarianism. This is by design. The neo-liberals have been planning their usurpation for something close to 50 years now, slowly insinuating themselves into positions where they can gain control of the levers which operate the machinery of power. For example, Rupert Murdoch is driven by the ideological drive to establish neo-liberalism as the single and only ideology on Planet Earth. To that end he has, over a period of decades, acquired the largest and most powerful megaphone which has ever existed on Planet Earth. Anyone who opposes Rupert Murdoch tends to end up dead or in prison.

Before he was assassinated, Hunter S. Thompson wrote a number of articles about the Amerikan government being hijacked. By this point he was being blacklisted from every mainstream publication, even including traditionally left-leaning ones like Rolling Stone. If you take the trouble to look up Thompson’s last few articles, he explains clearly that the current government is not evil, that he knew Nixon, and understood that sort of pragmatic evil. Thompson says that the current Amerikan administration is crazy. They actually believe the ideology they promote. Their apocalyptic neo-liberal millenialism amounts to a religious fanaticism. They cannot be stopped by anything short of overwhelming force.

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