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Do you not hate it when doomsday mongers refuse to man up to their failure?

Asked by ragingloli (48549points) September 25th, 2015

A couple of months ago I saw a video on youtube “predicting” the end of the world by meteor impact on the 24th of september.
It is now the 25th, and I went back to the video, to mock.
And Io and Behold, comments were closed.
Are doomsday frauds cowards?
What are your experiences with such worms whose predictions predictably failed?

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I don’t know. I can’t imagine what BS reason they come up with why the world didn’t end when they said it was going to.

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No, gives me ever more reason to rip the piss out of them.

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I don’t listen or pay much attention to these types of fucks to begin with, so I really don’t care how they act after the end of the world doesn’t happen.

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Who is to say that we changed the date from our faith. Apocalypse averted.

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It is the horrible self-satisfied gloating when proved right that I can’t stand.

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I would think the person who wrote it was fully aware of their error…unless they played ‘Thela and Louise’ in order to avoid it.
Why are you feeling so bad?
Why would you go back to give them grief?
Perhaps their work, or beliefs, or practices showed them an answer or a solution? Maybe a ‘Hail Mary’ for their life.
Watch that sharp stick you prod them with- it’s got two ends, one end just as sharp as the other.
Leave them be.

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The end is Sunday when Cthulhu is awakened by the final blood moon, don’t you know that?

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Damnit! I’m not done finishing out the broom closet! No way can it get it done in time, even with my new chika chika gun and tin snips.

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No, I only wish they would go ahead and off themselves after leaving a note that says “See, I told you so!”.

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Don’t we just hate it when anyone refuses to man up to their failures??
Politicians, religious clergy, teachers, police, anyone??????????
If ya FUCK UP admit it,learn from it and move on,right?

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I do not hate it.
I do not think about it enough to emote.

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It happened in 1996, @Darth_Algar. I remember because I was there. We lived in a 3 story house, with each floor being it’s own apartment. One of the college kids, who lived on the top floor, came down to get me, he wanted me to see something upstairs. It was late evening. He points out the window, and asked what that was. It’s crazy how you don’t even realize how you’ve memorized the stars in your hemisphere, until something is out of wack. We watched it for a moment, and realized it was an honest to goodness comet!

It’s one thing to know one is coming, like Halley’s Comet in 1986, but to not expect it, then see that thing in the sky was crazy!

The next day we learned of Hale-Bopp…and all the idiots who committed suicide because they thought

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At least there were no (known) mass suicide cult weirdness this time. They are amusing, but sad for the families. I am disappointed there was no zombie apocalypse though.

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Just as an update: the video has now actually been deleted by the uploader.

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