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Who is the most terrifying politician in the world?

Asked by flutherother (31304points) October 15th, 2015

And why do you find him/her so frightening?

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It was Stephen Colbert

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The last pope. Not John Paul 2. The German one who quit. I think his real name was Ratzinger for being in the Hitler youth camp. He was picking fights with the Muslims about Mohamed.

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Does Trump count as a politician?

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Vladimir Putin. This person is so frightening because of his personality (!!!!), his KGB past, and his desire to put Russia back into the position as the most powerful world threat by any means possible. Killing and horrors in his ruthless desires in the re-occupation of counties who were invaded and cruelly run by Russia in the last century. His changing economic rules in world markets. His support of other country’s dictators and criminals. The cruel measures he uses in the stifling and disappearance of any and all opposition within Russia. He is destroying delicate environmental areas within Russia, in his desire to increase Russia’s income via stripping and destroying lands. His power. I watch him constantly. I believe most underestimate this man and his actions. Now in the Middle East with varied weapons and alliances? His international reach is just beginning to be noted. Don’t look away. Don’t blink.
(rant, he’s a scary person, sorry, :/ )

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@msh I’m changing my vote to Putin. He takes turns at being prime minister and president to avoid term limits.

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You made me laugh! Thank you!
Im wondering if he is a horror character in Halloween costumes this year?

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To be honest, I was no fan of Pope Benedict, I’ve always thought holding his past membership in the Hitlerjugend against him was unfair. Membership was compulsory for all German boys of his age at the time. It’s not exactly like he joined out of his own free will or because he personally supported the Nazt platform.

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This requires a little backstory. At the beginning of the year, hubby had a decent full time job that paid enough that we qualified for the ACA. We found the goddamn Chupacabra of health insurance plans that, with the rebate from the ACA, cost us $40 a month in premiums, and allowed my husband to get his $400 prescription asthma medicine for $8. So, basically, $48 a month to allow him to breathe.

Well, because of Reasons, he doesn’t have that job anymore, and we’re probably going to be in some kind of deep shit come tax time because we now don’t make enough money, but if we tell them that now, we will lose the asthma medicine and he won’t be able to work at all what with the not being able to breathe thing.

A few months ago, my son developed a tooth abscess. He is covered by Medicaid, but there’s only one dentist in the area that treats Medicaid patients. They refused to set an appointment closer than a month and a half out. I took him to the emergency room and they basically handed me some antibiotics and said “see a dentist”. That worked for about a week, and the infection sprang back up. He was in extreme pain and his face was terribly swollen. It was the charity of a friend that got him into a dentist before he ended up with a bloodborne illness and died.

On top of that, I’ve had a sneaking suspicion for a long time that I’m developing arthritis – probably rheumatoid arthritis. I’ve had chronic pain in my feet since I was a child. A few years ago I started getting carpal- and cubital tunnel symptoms, and now my shoulders are starting in on me. I wake up daily to a series of cracks and pops that rival Rice Krispies and for the first time it’s taking me a while (sometimes an hour or more) to get out of bed due to pain and fatigue.

I am actually afraid to go to the doctor because I know once I get diagnosed with something the ACA insurance is going to disappear due to being low income and I will know I have a condition that I can’t afford to treat.

Who is the scariest politician?

The ones that are keeping healthcare a privilege of the wealthy.

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@Seek, you may need to change states just for healthcare

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If it were as simple as “leaving the state” I wouldn’t be in this situation. Moving costs money. Lots of it.

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I personally believe no politician is worse than another…in other words, they’re all as bad as each other. I also believe that no matter who it is, if he/she becomes politician, he/she will become a “bad politician” as power corrupts.

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That’s a rather naive viewpoint, @divinepk3r. Is this based on your many years of study in politics?

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Also…I have am a Chinese who have grown up in Canada and travalled many times back to Asia and been to Europe/USA…just to say that all countries uses propaganda so for the ones saying Putin has done blablabla…check both sides medias before stating he’s a bad person…same goes for any other politician

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@seek, base on how many years of study in politics? How many years of brainwashing? What is politics? Would I be wrong saying that politics is the art of convincing people that you and/or your party is capable of running a country? Politicians are good talkers, nothing more. The real work is done by the people hidding behind them…they’re just the ones going on stage and blablabla vote for me/us!

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@seek What a shocking story about the disaster known as “the U.S. healthcare system.” There’s no system at all, just a labyrinth of dysfunction – the highest costs in the developed world, with bad access and a disconnected patchwork of services.

My husband’s related to a retired dentist – the guy’s maybe in his early-80s – who became extremely wealthy during his career. Would you believe that this jerk actually mocks and laughs at people who are missing teeth? He thinks they lose their teeth because they’re too ignorant, careless, and low-bred to care. I guess poor people “deserve” pain and suffering?

I saved one of my own teeth a few years ago – root canal treatment plus a crown – and paid about $5K. I’m lucky and fortunate that I can afford such fees. Healthcare, however, shouldn’t be a privilege for those who can pay the bills.

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Bernie Sanders: He is a Democratic SOCIALIST and evidently that is terrifying.

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Jeremy Corbyn. Voluntarily giving up the UK’s nuclear arsenal is about as reckless and dangerous as it gets.

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Kim Jong-Un (or however you spell it) because he has nuclear arms and he is batshit crazy and totally unpredictable.

Putin is ruthless and cruel but at least he and Russia went through the “cold war” years and fully understand the implications of M. A. D. (Mutually Assured Destruction).

So he’s wily enough to put the brakes on use of nuclear, so at least there’s some sanity beneath all the ruthless.

Kim Jong is just plain batshit crazy. Crazy=Dangerous and Terrifying.

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