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How's this for another brilliant Texas law? It's OK to carry guns on a college campus, but not plastic [NSFW] hanging from your backpack.

Asked by elbanditoroso (33226points) October 17th, 2015

[NSFW if you are sensitive enough to be turned on by the word ‘dildo’].

Read this article

And this one which gives even more detail.

In Texas, it’s OK to carry guns on a college campus. So some clever protesters, no doubt referencing the gun = penis symbolism, decided to open carry dildoes on campus. (My opinion – subtle and clever).

Seems like guns in classrooms is not a bright idea. But arresting people for making clever fun of people carrying guns in classrooms is even less bright.

Why is it always Texas that comes up with these issues?

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Well, since dildos are used by women who are dirty, dirty sex whores instead of good Christian housewives who lay on their back and think of the suffering of Christ on the cross while knitting booties for their legitimate white Christian babies, it’s pretty easy to see why Texas has a problem with them.

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To paraphrase the great Jack Nicholson film of 1974, “Forget it Jake, it’s Texas.”

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What a childish protest. Texas just went up a notch for me.

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Can’t there be a Compromise?

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The odds are low that some crazy mother-F’er would try to shoot up a school in which students and professors are allowed carry guns. I’d feel safer attending such a school.

Students who protest by displaying dildos are fools because it sends the message (to the crazy mother-F’er), “I don’t have a gun so shoot me first!”

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90% of the time the shooter plans to die that day. They are essentially suicide shooters.

And really, if you are smart and know all the teachers have guns you would walk up to them first asking about differential equations and blast.. Then you would get all Rambo up in that place looking for other Rambos and then Rambow2 would fire at you while the cops came in shooting at everyone with a gun.

Maybe the constitution is stupid and the second amendment needs to go away. The document is aged and no longer applicable. But you idiots cling to the bible so, stupid, all the way down.

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The first level of absurdity is to try to equate carrying a dildo to carrying a legally permitted handgun. Second is the nebulous two-faced way the US deals with sex. The third would be how it can trigger sexual harassment laws, since we want to have a broad stroke as to what it is, and it is not that for everyone. If I can be on a Texas university carrying a huge plastic dong from my backpack, would it be OK for me also to have a half-naked pinup girl poster at my lab station, or affixed to my loose leaf notebook? I can see it being above the bar of obscene, a woman without a bra having ”bullets” is obscene to some people and you are not seeing anything as graphic as an anatomical male phallus.

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you are bonkers.. I stopped trying to stick my dick in a brick wall years ago.

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At the very least Security should be allowed to be armed. CCW’s are a bonus.

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Real guns, yes. Nerf guns, no.

Texas is its own little universe. A really weird, unlikable universe.

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This law is chest thumping at its worst.

The law basically means nothing, at least as it stands now. Universities have the right to decide where guns can and can’t be used, and what’s required of those who want to carry guns on campus, the law simply changed that they aren’t illegal in the classroom according to state law.

Under the final version of the bill, universities and colleges will still be able to establish their own rules on where handguns are carried and how they’re stored based on public safety concerns. Only concealed handgun license holders — who must be at least 21 years old — would be allowed to carry their firearms on campus, and private universities would be allowed to opt out of the requirement altogether.

So universities, including UT Austin, get to choose how they want to implement the law. The protest is to inform the university administration how the student body feels they should implement it.

I don’t think anyone has actually been arrested for their dildo, which isn’t illegal anyway, until you start pummeling someone with it.

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If students carry weapons that freely, I’d transfer schools.
Being down a few braincells to begin with, the maturity levels, college antics, and ‘look-at-me’s’ all walking around in abundance?
Death, committed by just plain stupid will surely follow.

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It would be well to recall that this campus, the University of Texas, has already had one mass murder and it was one of the first recorded. Anyone remember Charles Whitman

—for a more lighthearted view of mass murder listen to Kinky Friedman and The Ballad of Charles Whitman

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@Hypocrisy_Central are you suggesting that we need to have concealed carry permits for Dildos here in Texas? because if you are, 9/10ths of our politicians would have to be locked up. They are almost all pricks

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