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George H.W. Bush offers "sharp criticisms of former vice president Richard B. Cheney and former defense secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, saying both ill served his son after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001" in a forthcoming biography. What do you think motivates the timing of the release of the book, given that another Bush is currently running for President?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) November 5th, 2015

Trying to gin up support for Jeb by getting the Bush name out there as against the most disliked members of DubYah’s cabinet?

Trying to get the book out there while the elder Bush can still give it support?

Getting the controversy out of the way before a (still possible) Jed Bush run for President?

Other theories?


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A great way to say that if anything more dire happened- move on to the third down on the list of “who’s to blame” So, let’s see…. number three… Hmmmm….oh. OK.
The butler did it.

If Bush II does not look good as President, and he doesn’t, Bush III will not look good for anything at all.
Ask Trump.

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George H.W. Bush was born in 1924.

I don’t know his medical status right now, but is we stipulate that he is a human being, there is a non-zero chance that he won’t be around next year to pimp his book. While he did jump out of a helicopter for his 90th birthday, showing that he’s still pretty hale and hearty, that still doesn’t change the fact that he’s not a young buck like Bernie Sanders.

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I think it’s one of two things. The book was already set to release, there are contracts in place, and Jeb was not sure he was going to run for President when the contracts were signed by his father.

Or, it shows a Bush can be critical of their own, and that each Bush is his own person. If Jeb can say his brother made mistakes, or did some things differently than he would have, then the people who are afraid of the Bush legacy might give Jeb a chance. But, recently Jeb has been cornered into defending his brother, and also there has been quite a but if talk about how much Jeb admires his father and appreciates his upbringing. Reporters have talked about how Jeb and George will go
on about how great their dad is.

Two interesting things. When I first saw the clip of Jeb at a rally saying how great his dad was he mentioned his dad never had to raise a hand to Jeb. I thought that was a message to the holy rollers to stop hitting their kids. Not that all religious people hit their kids, I don’t mean that, but there are still quite a few religious right wing who think it’s a good idea. I didn’t even think initially about his dad’s opinion about his other son’s Presidency, or even his dad’s political opinions.

After hearing the reporters talking about how much the “kids” admire George senior, I was reminded about people speculating that Georgecito went into Iraq to finish what his dad started. That Little George had prove his strength to his father.

I remember my aunt once saying her mother was a tough act to follow. She said it half joking, but I think some children feel competitive with a parent maybe? Especially, if the parent is admired by many.

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Of course the elder Bush is trying to smooth out the road for the one son the family believed had the chops for the gig. That doesn’t mean that the old guy isn’t absolutely right about the know-nothing kid falling in with “the wrong crowd”. But in the end the old man arrives at the undeniable truth. The kid sails into history credited with the single greatest strategic blunder in the history of the United States. Bottom line? Ignorance is no excuse.

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LOL. Loaded question. I think HW Bush is a very smart former president and former CIA DIRECTOR and who knows what evil drives what he writes. His sons are pieces of work, and it’s frightening they are presidents or candidates. Makes me very upset that there are such people, and people who support them being president, in America. Uhhhhgh!

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That’s exactly what I think. The elder Bush is a very smart and deep man, who somehow doesn’t give off the vibe of being such. He has that “aw shucks” hayseed sort of aura that caused those who didn’t know him to consistently underestimate the man. G.W. on the other hand was noteworthy for the ultimate sin against Yankee Quaker sensibilities. For Dubya was the pristine example of privilege without depth. In england he would have been the fool of the family and shunted to the clergy.

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classic case of “daddy’s little princess can do no wrong”, so it must be someone else’s fault.

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I don’t know what his motives are but lets look at what that would tell the public if they listen carefully. It would mean that his son did not have command of the White House. Which honestly, I can see happening. He never struck me as being very competent and his brother even less so.

This is what happens when you put someone in power who is not ready for the position, or knows what it entails, or who lacks the intelligence and spine for office. He was just the name in the seat. That is why the Republican party wants Jeb. Not because they think he will do a bang up job, but because Bushes make the best puppets.

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It wasn’t my son’s fault, he was only the President doesn’t wash.

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