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Silly "date" question? (See details.)

Asked by janbb (58594points) November 18th, 2015

Casual dinner. Would you rather see your date in a tighter shirt that shows her boobs (but not low-cut) but also the love handles more or a fat hider tunic top over slim jeans? (The legs are fine.)

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At dinner, I don’t care if she’s wearing an enormous bib! In fact I would be delighted, since it might lower my resistance to the impulse to deploy my own.

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I’d rather my date wore something he was comfortable in. If he’s feeling self-conscious about something, that will affect how he interacts with me. In saying that, I’m not sure men agonise over these things in the way we women do. As I woman, speaking to a woman, I’d say which top makes you feel fabulous? Wear that. What your date wants to see is secondary to how you feel. Pick the thing you feel the best in.

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I think people should just wear what they choose to wear on a date. If the other person doesn’t like their style then you know right away it’s not gonna work out.

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If he rejects you because he can’t see your boobs, good riddance…and if he rejects you because he sees love handles – well, good riddance once more.

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I think the tunic so you wouldn’t be worried about the love handles.

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I would like her to wear something that is flattering to her body shape and a form fitting top that displays love handles IMO is less than flattering. The tunic top over jeans sounds like a more appealing option.

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Better to feel comfortable than look like two pounds of sausage in a one pound casing.

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I think what @chyna thinks, but I’m not a man. I am interested to see what the men answer. GQ.

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Wear something you won’t have to adjust all night. There are already enough things to feel self-conscious about. Don’t add to it. The hider is fine.

Spinach between the teeth anyone?

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction, I totally thought someone else had asked this.

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What Cruiser and Lucky Guy said.

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@luckyguy Great, you gave her something else to worry about.

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@dxs I did think of sending it to him!

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As long as you’re not storing pencils under your tits, I think he’ll be ok with whatever you’re wearing.

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it’s really just a guy friend anyway but a newish guy friend.

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I agree with the above. Wear what you’ll feel most comfortable in. Your confidence (or lack thereof) is going to come across more than the style of shirt you’re wearing. Also I’m not one of those guys into huge boobs either, so that may affect how you weigh my feedback.

I hope you have a wonderful time. Just relax, have fun and be yourself.

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@gorillapaws I have no choice – no other selves are available to me and this guy likes the one I am.

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What? No sequin-encrusted tops?

Fuchsia! Wear fuchsia.

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Only for you dollink – only for you!

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The tunic. You will feel comfortable and charm him out of his boots. Good luck tonight.

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Most of the time the only part that’s going to show is above the table level. What sort of neckline seems most appropriate to the place where you’ll be dining?

If it’s a casual top in either case, I’d actually think more about the color than the style. What color makes you feel both comfortable and confident—and is also conducive to a happy appetite?

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Actually it was dinner at my house and a lovely time although we are just good friends. I just wanted to look nice.

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@janbb: What did you cook?

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I made the minestrone soup from the other question, had sourdough bread and cheddar and shortbread cookies for dessert.

I did wear the tighter shirt which is just a fitted corduroy shirt and felt it was flattering – not “two pounds of suasage in a one pond casing” @Seek.

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I didn’t intend to be insulting. The mental picture I got of boobs spilling out and the shirt riding up over love handles just felt uncomfortable. I apologise if I spoke poorly.

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@Seek And I apologize for my terrible typos in that quote. Gail is rolling over.

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The tunic is fine with me. Is it really cold at the restaurant? heh heh heh

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I know this already happened, but next time: a tunic with a low neckline. ;)

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^how low? :-)

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Low enough for a decent shot at penguin cleavage!

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Flash some flipper.

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Mercy! That’s some looow neckline!

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@majorrich what? What? You can see my webbed feet?

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Evil AND slutty penguin?

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