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How to reverse the rock salt that has become powdered salt?

Asked by flo (13313points) December 9th, 2015

Because of the humidity over the summers I guess. It’s a huge amount I believe. What to do other than throwing it out? Can it be reversed to the original state?

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I would assume you can dissolve it in warm water, put a string in it, and it will crystalize again like sugar does? I’m not sure, we need one of our science Jellies.

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Why do you have this much rock salt? What purpose was it purchased for? Chemically it should be the same no matter what form it is. I would be taking a nightly bath with a cup of the salt to start. I would also throw it on the ice on my driveway when it snows.

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Crush it up and mix it with some water to get it fully dissolved. Then let it sit and the water to evaporate.

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I’d use it as is. If it is a hard block I’d hit with a hammer or drop the bag on the ground aafew times to break it up. Don’t throw it away. Use it.

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Good ideas @everyone. Is 20 lb a huge amount to buy at one time?

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Oh 20lb’s? Just use it as is or make a brine. Are you using it to melt ice on a driveway?

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It’s for gripping purposes, until the ice melts,
I just discovered that. I guess ice melt is the better term unless it’s a brand name too.

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The salt actually does loosen the ice. If you want grip you can use kitty litter, but it kind of makes a mess.

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