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What do you need to let go of in 2016?

Asked by janbb (57138points) January 3rd, 2016

I’m not much for making New Year’s resolutions but the Unitarian service I went to this morning got me thinking. The focus was on what you need to let go of and what you want to hold on to in 2016. That resonated with me. I think I let go of a lot of fear and anxiety in 2015. What I need to work on more this year are possessiveness and romantic delusions.

How about you?

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I need to let go of my fear of losing money we have saved.

I also need to let go of telling my husband what I think about everything and anything at least for the next 6 months. I can’t believe I am writing that. Be more passive, submissive, and quiet.

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I need to let go of the grief of losses I sustained in 2015, and embrace the fact that I am able to move on to newer endeavors. Easier said than done.

@JLeslie: you don’t have to be more passive and submissive to be quiet, you don’t even need to have unexpressed thoughts, just express them to a different audience, or by use of a different media. There is no need to self stifle, especially in this age of connectivity.

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@canidmajor If you mean I can vent to friends, yes I realize I can still do that, but it won’t help me be in a place I prefer to be, it will just help me deal with the place I am in.

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I need to keep thinning out and getting rid of stuff I do not need.

Unfortunately I can look at anything and find a use.
Why am I saving those 15 year old spray paint cans?
– The paint code tell me what I need if I need to replace it.
– I if the nozzle gets clogged on one I can use one from another.
– I can make a device that makes a loud noise with it.
– I can use it to scare deer away from the bird feeder.
and so on…
(I did toss about a dozen and several paint cans.)

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I’m going to give up my job in 2016. I’ve worked since I was 14 so it is a big step but I can afford it and it opens up new possibilities for me.

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I should let go of the idea that I am responsible for other people’s relationships. I have had a manipulative side for as long as I can remember. Though I am using it for good in that case, I still feel it does damage at times.

I could also afford to lose some of my self-doubt. I tend to need a lot of reassurance to feel liked, and that’s screwed things up before.

Lastly, though it has been getting much better, my discomfort at making small talk is very inconvenient.

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@janbb That’s so interesting! I remember asking you about UU earlier this year, but haven’t made it to a service yet. Recently I had a great talk with a friend who’s involved with magic and paganism. We were at the river at night and she suggested that we touch the earth and each let go of three things. At first I said “all of my responsibilities!” Then I said, most of my responsibilities, all of my resentments, and my responsibility for my auntie. Her answers were really cool, too.

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Guilt over my mother dying. I replay her last year in my head over and over and worry about things I could have done differently. The reality is that she was very sick and there was nothing I could’ve done, but it’s still there, inside, making me crazy.

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Oh @chyna – you do need to let go of that!

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No, @JLeslie, I meant that setting yourself up to be “passive and submissive” sounds like a bad idea. But you know what? I don’t know you, if that’s what you want, go for it.

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I seem to say this every year and so far, I’ve been very unsuccessful at achieving this goal. I need to work less. I need to make more time to relax and get out and do things I love with the people I love.

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@canidmajor I am not either of those things. It’s very difficult for me, and might make things worse not better. I have no idea how it will go, but I have to try something.

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What do I need to leave behind or get rid of in 2016? Oh, Fluther for sure, tangibly I have stuff I need to get rid of, first starting with that which I have neither used or thought about in the last 6 months. From there I need to move to those things I have thought about but never used or see a use for in the immediate future. Then there are those frequent sins that just keep creeping back in I have to be more diligent quashing before they take hold.

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2015 was a monumental year for me. I let go of a lifetime of self-loathing and accepted self-love in its place. Right now, I don’t necessarily need to let go of anything.

This year, I want to move further into accepting all I can about myself. I want to have fun. I want to share the love I found. I want to explore my new job. I want to meditate even more.

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Rage. I have an internal rage that erupts in real life at the drop of a hat. The past couple of weeks I’ve felt like I might be nearing the point where I can give part of that up. I hope it sticks.

One of the reasons I appreciate Fluther is the ability to consider and edit comments before they become public. Here I can be emphatic without it expressing real anger. If I fond myself writing in anger here, I delete and start over, or just click the back button and void the response altogether.

2016 I need to sweat less of the small stuff.

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I think I need to let go of the urge to buy things that only have instant use. I wasted money foolishly because I often bought things that could only sastify me for a few days, or even just “looked good”. I’m saving for a big thing that I know will serve me real good, and that another reason to start spending sensibly. That also makes me regret wasting money even more.

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I kept thinking “Why do they need to give up GQ? What’s wrong with that magazine?”

Negative thoughts and expressing them to others. I think if I give up a couple of friendships the toxic thoughts will go with them.

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