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How is it that Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, formerly listed as one of the richest men in the world, was found unwashed and hiding 'in plain sight' with a minumal security force?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) January 10th, 2016

Worse yet, he appears to have spent much of his six months of freedom trying to arrange a biopic of himself, with Sean Penn as the chosen star.

Was he recaptured because he was a washed-up, has-been nobody?

Impossible for me to imagine that a former billionaire hadn’t arranged some sort of safe haven in advance, and transportation to get there.

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That’s great information, @jaytkay, and news I’d not heard.

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What better way for a wealthy, powerful man to hide in plain sight than to be filthy and disheveled?

Did you see the movie, “Gone Girl”? [Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn’t watched the film.] The gorgeous main character spent a little over a week eating voraciously and gaining about 2 lbs. per day, dying her hair mousy-brown, and wearing baggy, drab clothes. Even though her picture was plastered all over television and newspapers, she was unrecognizable. Amazingly, the lovely actress did a Robert DeNiro and gained a stone/15 lbs. for those scenes, so that she’d been convincingly puffy and bloated.

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In 2014 Forbes estimated Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán’s wealth at 1 billion dollars.

Doesn’t it seem like that should have bought him sanctuary somewhere?

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Guzman’s wealth: $1 billion
Guzman’s hubris: Priceless

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But, what, Guzman can’t Google?

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Very similar to how Sadam’s end came about…both caught hiding under a rock.

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Did you catch now that his two sons are going to avenge him by making law enforcement and governmental officials lives hell?
I betcha they’re vying for their characters to be played by Zac Ephron and Channing Tatum.
Why, Madonna can be Sean Penn’s moll, in the film!

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We’re not really addressing the question:

How could a man worth $1b that specialized in smuggling be caught ‘hiding in plain sight’, in his home country, 6 months after escaping from maximum security prison?

Guzman is made out to be an extremely wealthy mastermind drug lord. Could it be that he was really just a rich petty thug that finally failed to pay off the right people?

I’m no James Bond, but I’m betting I could have done better than a hotel room in Sinaloa, given a couple million.

Why does his recapture feel so preordained?

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He wasn’t found in the hotel. The guys who captured him used it as a place to await reinforcements before moving him.

And here’s an LA Time story directly addressing your question:

‘El Chapo’ could have fled to another continent, but he chose to go home

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Hubris, then, I guess @jaytkay, because I don’t think he’s that stupid.
It still seems fishy to me.

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