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Irregular period at 39? Women only please.

Asked by tan253 (2826points) January 10th, 2016

Hi Ladies,
Since I’ve stopped breastfeeding my daughter (she was 2) so it’s been almost 2 years now, my periods are all over the place.
22 days, 30 days, 25 days and today 20 days.
I’m freaking out a bit – has anyone else have this happen?
I’d love another baby but not sure I’m ovulating.
I’ve spoken to two doctors about it and neither were phased, one said ‘Yes to be expected at your age.’ I’m only 40 but is it?
Love to hear of other stories so I know I’m not alone, maybe I should freeze some eggs just in case!

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Did they check for cysts on ovaries?

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I recently had a colonography – CT Scan of colon which showed ovaries and nothing was found.
I have no pain or anything… my periods are pain free – I do suffer heavily from IBS and an anxiety disorder which over the last 3 years has been at it worst.

Not sure if this is why?

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For some women, it happens very early. I started having severe hot flashes and breakthrough bleeding at age 37. We usually hear about late-40s or early-50s, but those ages are nothing more than averages. The fact that young women can be affected doesn’t mean that anything’s wrong with their health, just that they’re outliers for the mean or median.

Also, if your symptoms just started, you’re likely still ovulating and able to have another child. After I began the journey, I got pregnant 3 times, once with twins.

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Sounds like you have to have extensive hormone tests done. Something has thrown your hormones off balance. I agree with what @Love_my_doggie says, but it could just be a case of messed up hormones.

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Yeah, if it’s just hormones can they fix that?
Love to have regular periods – it seriously started as soon as I stopped breastfeeding, irregular like clock work! ;)

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What about constant anxiety – does anyone have this and does it cause irregular periods?

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95% bet you are ovulating. You are irregular, but not really outside the length of normal cycles. I would get some hormone tests like prolactin (that tests your pituatory) and thyroid and LH, FSH, estrogen on day 2 or 3 testing next time you’re at the doctor. You could also get an ultrasound day 3 to see how many follicles in your ovaries. Less than 8 and I would say you are losing your fertility, which would be normal, but doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant. Unless you have only 2 or 3, I doubt that’s the case.

40 is getting old for baby making, you need to hurry up if your really interested in more babies.

Do you have any milk still leaking from your breasts?

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I doubt it cysts. Cysts usually cause missed periods associated with PCOS. You aren’t “missing” periods if you are having periods every 30 days or less.

However, if you do the ultrasound for the follicles they will see cysts if you have any. Better to do the day 3 so it’s all done in one appointment.

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No Milk…. I had my ovaries checked and they were fine, healthy etc, I am single so yeah that might be challenging… not 40 yet – 3 more months!
I’m pretty healthy really outside of anxiety…. I’ve had thyroid tested and that’s always fine, FSH? What is that…. going to Dr tomorrow so will ask to get tested for hormones etc, check my follicles etc and my GERD… ;) Man lots happens when you’re nearly 40!

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FSH got it – just googled, Thanks @JLeslie are you sure you’re not a DR!

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Cysts are very painful. You’d know about them if you had them. I have two sisters that had cycts and one of them had two daughters and they both inherited the condition. Very painful.

You mentioned anxiety. The days of your cycles fall well within healthy parameters, but if you are experiencing stress, it can certainly affect your hormones. If your thyroid tests are normal and you are menstruating, chances are you are ovulating too. You can take a test from the chemist to be sure when you are ovulating so you can time your intercourse to increase your chances of conception.

You are brave for doing it alone. Not a choice I could have made.

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Oh I“m not trying to conceive yet ;) I don’t have a partner, I’m being hopeful and optimistic.

Hoping that i will find a wonderful partner today and conceive soon ;)
Lets not explore the flaws in this theory – stranger things have happened.

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That is an admirable attitude. I’ve turned 48 and officially thrown in the towel.

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It has to be day 3. If you are seeing a GP, or even sometimes GYN’s don’t know. If you aren’t on day 3 ask for a script for the blood tests and get it yourself on day 3 so you have the results. GYN’s will run hormone levels at all different times of the cycle and say you are in the normal range, but reproductive specialists do day 3.

Here is a link. Probably, there are better links. They list even more tests than I did, but I really can’t see doing glucose tests for you, you have zero symptoms of PCOS in my opinion (I’m not a doctor) you want to know if you are heading towards menopause a little early.

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You may be entering peri-menopause, not unusual at your age, maybe a little on the young side but, certainly part of the gig. lol I was completely finished with my cycles at age 49, and the phase you are talking about began around age 43–44ish. You may experience this for a few cycles then return to your normal cycles for some months then back to the wacky side. The complete shift to total menopause can go on for years, 5 or 6 or more.

Here…read this, some good info.

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I’ve heard that many doctors believe that stress can have an effect on your period. If you have GAD, it’s easy to believe that might be a contributing factor. Do you take anything for your anxiety?

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Hi @DrasticDreamer – I don’t take anything for anxiety though I’m thinking it may be time too.. I“m trying the alkaline diet for GERD which may help with GAD!

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@tan253 Yeah, if it’s starting to become overwhelming, even bringing it up with your primary is a start. If they do think you should give meds a try after talking to you, you can start on a really low dose if that’s what you’re more comfortable with. After years of living with anxiety, I finally got to the point where I decided to talk to my doctor and did exactly that. I’m taking a low dose, but it’s been helping me a lot so far.

Good luck!

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I went into Menopause at 39 so I say anything’s possible.

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I went to my Dr again – Just an update – actually sorry a different Dr same clinic – so that’s 4 Dr’s that have all said the same thing – she said between 20–28 days is a normal cycle, so to fall around there is fine as long as nothing else has changed. (it hasn’t) I asked if it could be early menopause, she said maybe. Doesn’t want to do any testing and said if I decided to try get pregnant to come back and they would do a fertility check – pretty laid back at my clinic.
So that’s that.

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I had that from around mid-30’s onward. No pain of any kind, just irregular periods. I went to the doctor and had all kinds of tests (physical and blood tests). Nothing was found to be an issue. I got pregnant at age 40 and delivered a healthy baby naturally at age 41.

Before mid-30’s, my periods were like clockwork and they lasted 3 days each, which was great.

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I think it’s more like 20–35 days is normal, but it’s not normal for you to be so irregular. I don’t see why she wouldn’t just do the simple blood test. Did she even know what cycle day three testing is? A lot of GP’s don’t.

You probably are just fine, but you would probably feel better with some reassurance from a test. The test isn’t 100% conclusive, but it’s used as a guide.

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