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What's your cold weather treat?

Asked by syz (35649points) January 22nd, 2016

I’m at home, waiting for winter storm Jonas to knock my power out (we’re getting sleet and freezing rain rather than the much preferred snow). I just had an epiphany and decided to make some hot chocolate with my yummy Godiva liqueur. I might even add in some Stoli vanilla. (I’ve got Bailey’s and Kahlua, too.)

What’s your favorite treat for a cold night?

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@syz: That looks very good. Sweet, but good.

I like homemade chicken soup. I also like baked chicken with rice and a vegetable like string beans. Not soup and chicken in the same meal – one or the other.

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The cold weather itself and toast with butter.

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bread fresh out of the oven

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What isn’t? Just nosh all day long when it snows. Will probably make red lentil soup and chocolate chip cookies tomorrow if I have power.

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Mocha with whipped cream. Cinnamon toast.

Lobster bisque.

(Not all at once.)

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Mexican Hot Chocolate
Toasted tuna sandwiches

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My duvet!

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I truly love mulled wine, and its never cold enough to justify it. The high tomorrow is 50… I might go buy a bottle of Bordeaux.

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@Seek Come on up here and you can have all the justification you need. 26 degrees and snowing although not blizzard conditions here yet.

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Shots of Kraken rum chased with cheap sweet tea sold by the plastic jug.

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I used to look forward to open fires in the winter, sitting in front of a raging fire with my hands held out in front of me.

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Grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup.

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Hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies.

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Last night I had Lobster Bisque with some big, fat, Argentinian red shrimp.

Tonight I made a big pot of creamed cabbage with lots of Parmesan cheese.

Craving brownies.

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Coming back inside the house.

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Fire in the fireplace and scented candles in the bathroom while the Jacuzzi is filling up.

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Italian or Spanish hot chocolate.

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After I clear out a couple of driveways I come inside, pull off my hearing protection, face mask, hat, snowmobile suit , boots and leave them by the door.
Then I enjoy a hot chocolate with marshmallows wearing only my long underwear tops and bottoms and socks.

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Putting the heat way up, blankets for when I’m sitting still. DVR, hot chocolate for something sweet. Pasta and meat sauce with melted mozzarella for a meal.

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